The Secrets of Hotel Marketing Strategy Plan Psychology

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As humans, we have diverse backgrounds and beliefs, but we share common behaviors and psychological triggers. As a hotelier, leveraging these triggers is key to business success. Understanding hotel marketing psychology is crucial for this.

Your hotel doesn’t need to be the grandest to attract guests; it just needs to be seen as a perfect short-stay destination. Successful hotels excel at convincing people to choose them over others, leveraging consumer psychology in their marketing strategies. Tap into buying behaviors and use this insight to encourage guests to stay at your hotel.

6 Tips to Upgrade your Hotel Marketing Strategy:

Elevate your hotel’s marketing game with these six dynamic strategies guaranteed to boost revenue, enhance guests’ experience, and set your property apart from the competition.

1. Upgrade to Digital Lobby Signage

If you’re going for modern lobby signage, the first step would be to go digital. A lobby is the first thing visitors see as they enter the building through the main door. Thus, this is your one chance to make a positive, lasting first impression. You will ensure that they know about the resources that your property offers and where they need to go.

Hotel digital signage can do that and more. You can always count on hotel digital signage solutions to put your branding into the spotlight and create an elegant vibe from your hotel entrance to every amenity you offer. You can also amplify the effect by employing a video wall to add the wow factor and impress your guests at the start.

It also helps you share content that matches your long-term goals from the get-go. Besides, since it is cloud-based, you need not be on-premise to update your content. You can contact experts to help you select what hotel digital signage content is right for your business.

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2. Use Emotions to Your Advantage

According to an article from Neuroscience Marketing, many of them override rational thought processes when decisions are made. The activation of these emotions through a stimulus is the key to success in hotel marketing psychology.

For a hotelier, it will mean marketing the emotional benefits your property delivers. How will it help guests feel at home? Will they relax knowing they are well cared for? Or make their commute more efficient for nearby conferences?

You can also promise lasting memories or events that are very likely to pull people’s heartstrings.

3. Improve Your Website Design

This is directly linked to consumer psychology in the current digital world. For hotel marketing, a useful website ensures more conversion and an organic influx of customers. Above all, you need to ensure that you’re easily accessible to potential customers, as people rely on the internet more and more as we progress as a society.

Most travel plans re-made after a thorough online search, which includes checking out the hotels. Around 57% of travel bookings were made on the internet, with 148.3 million travel bookings last year. Thus, website design becomes more critical. It is one of the essential elements of a successful online presence. All top-tier hotels have seamlessly functioning websites that use consumer psychology to ensure an even higher customer turnover. It should be visually captivating, able to provide intuitive navigation, mobile responsive, and effortless booking.

4. Create Urgency via Limited-Time-Offers

This is one of the most successful marketing techniques that utilize consumer psychology. Many websites use urgency to lure customers and drive them into whipping out their credit cards. Suppose you limit your time for special offers or create bundles that expire within a certain amount of time. In that case, consumers are likely to think that they will miss out on good deals, making your work more manageable, and improving revenue generation.

The notion of limited time, limited rooms, or special prices are strategies you must seriously consider as a hotel marketing psychology. Another way to create a sense of urgency is by carefully wording promotional copies of these limited-time offers – for example, a 24-hour sale, limited availability of guests, etc.

5. Prove Yourself to be the Experts

It is human nature to trust authority or those with sound knowledge of what they are doing. Be it is an expert who recommends a product or a doctor prescribing medicine, people tend to listen to those in leadership positions. Deploy this technique in your hotel marketing psychology.

Use this consumer psychology to your advantage by proving that you are more than just another expensive hotel. It is time to show off your knowledge that your hotel is the consummate local; it is more than just a business to make money. The more money-hungry you appear, the more you’re going to find people show aversion to your branding. Hence, offer your visitors that you’re here to provide an entirely local experience, which entails authentic knowledge from locals and employing those that are locals.

You can use notable locals and create a narrative that targets the best spots around the area and showcase their local knowledge while making it an exciting story. You can do so by employing locals who will know the sights better.

6. Deploy Multi-Advertising Displays

Hotel digital signage is a unique display screen that has plenty of advantages. As part of your hotel marketing psychology, use modern designs for digital hotel signage. Further, make use of multi-advertising displays. This will help you quickly pass across several messages simultaneously to your target audience.

You will also be able to change content quickly and actively involve your audience with your interactive hotel digital signage.

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