4 Menu Boards for Fast Food

Digital Menu Boards _ QSR
Digital Menu Boards _ QSR

Fast food has changed a lot over the years. Now, it’s not just about quick meals; it’s also about how you order and enjoy your food. A big part of this change is the menu board. It’s not just a list of food anymore. 

Here are 4 digital menu boards for fast food restaurants. These displays are making the fast-food experience better and easier.

1. Drive-Thru Menu Board

menu board design for qsr drive thru lane

Drive-thru menu boards have long been a hallmark of fast-food establishments. But did you know they’re getting even better?

In 2020, 44% of all fast-food sales came from drive-thrus. Today, drive-thru menu boards use dynamic displays and smart software. These features tailor the menu based on different factors like time and weather. So, it’s more simple to show the right menu items at the right times. For example, if it’s hot outside, it shows more cold drinks. And if it’s breakfast time, it’ll highlight those tasty morning options.

Drive-thru menu boards not only streamline the ordering process but also serve as a powerful marketing tool. This lets restaurants promote special deals and upsell items. They’re even starting to use voice commands and mobile apps, ultimately reducing wait times and ensuring order accuracy. 

2. Interactive Kiosk

ordering kiosks digital signage for restaurants

Interactive kiosks are the ultimate self-service experience. Customers enjoy their flexibility and ease of use. In fact, 65% of customers visit fast food places with kiosks more often. 

The benefits are not only for clients but the fast food restaurants as well. Touchscreen kiosks streamline operations as they let customers review and edit their orders. In addition to minimizing mistakes, they are a great advertising tool to promote special offers with messaging and visuals.

Digital signage software features in kiosks, like weather-based menus, allow fast food companies to better target their audience. These features make customization simple for customers too!

3. Counter-Top Display

countertop digital signage _ digital menu promotion qsr

You might have seen digital menu displays on the counter. They are the ones showing customers what’s available and facilitating hassle-free ordering. But they’re not just convenient for clients; they’re also great for business.

Studies show that these digital counter displays can increase sales by up to 5%. Their place at the Point-of-Sale (POS) makes them great marketing tools. When customers see high-resolution images and animated visuals right in front of them – they are more likely to consider those items. 

Having digital menu boards at the counter is like having a tablet that shows you what you can eat. For example, with these displays on the counter customers can easily view and customize their orders. Plus, this is a good way to show nutritional information.

Don’t need to worry about the accessibility of your menu. With countertop
digital displays you can adjust the font size or get audio descriptions, to
cater to all customers.

4. Digital Menu Boards

digital signage template_digital menu boards_qsr

It’s common to have digital menu boards above the ordering counter. With digital signage features, like dayparting, they can change quickly to show new items or deals.

Digital menu boards can be strategically placed above the counter to promote impulse purchases. For example, animated images of seasonal drinks are great advertisers when the customer focuses on the moving images. 

Storytelling and branding are simple with digital menu boards above the counter. These screens tell stories and engage with customers while they wait. So, this decreases the perceived waiting time and improves the fast-food experience. 


Fast food is changing, and menu boards are part of that change. From drive-thru menu boards to interactive kiosks, and digital menu boards on and above the counter, these displays make operations and marketing efficient.

As technology keeps getting better, fast-food restaurants will find more ways to improve their menu boards. Achieve business goals and create an enjoyable customer experience with the different menu boards for fast food.

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