Revelstoke Adopts NexSigns for Excellent Guest Experience

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Canada’s Best Ski Resort Transforms Guest Experience with NexSigns Digital Signage This Winter

Revelstoke Mountain Resort Implements 30+ NexSigns Digital Signage Displays.

Burnaby, BC (February 1, 2021): The award-winning Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR) introduces a revolutionary solution to inform, support, and entertain families and guests this winter – NexSigns Digital Signage. Revelstoke’s digital transformation includes implementing over 30 digital signage displays powered by NexSigns throughout the resort, restaurants, and mountains.

Recently awarded as Canada’s Best Ski Resort, Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR) stands out with its Big mountain terrain, legendary powder, and small-town vibes. Its adventurous and innovative spirit encourages continuous transformation throughout the resort to uphold its unparalleled hospitality.

As a total solution provider, NexSigns Digital Signage has been the top choice for the hospitality industry to deliver an unforgettable adventure and impeccable guest experience. NexSigns’ centralized and scalable management system enables Revelstoke Mountain Resort to quickly update signage with the latest information and smoothly broadcast content across screens.


Since this winter, Revelstoke Mountain Resort has implemented over 30 NexSigns digital signage displays throughout all areas. From restaurants in the small town to the top of the big mountain, visitors will always be accompanied by NexSigns-powered content during their epic stay at Revelstoke.

Restaurants and bars, including Rockford Grill, Mackenzie Common Tavern, Mackenzie Outpost, and Revelation Lodge, use NexSigns digital menu boards to display menus and share promotions.

Other NexSigns digital signage screens at Revelstoke Mountain Resort present guests with ticketing information, mountain conditions, queue wait times, and more. Visitors can find the digital displays at the mountain top warming huts, the resort lobby, snow school, and guest services. NexSigns revolutionizes the efficiency of updating information, which is essential for mountain conditions and other live content.

NexSigns’ modern digital signage solutions will improve the overall guest experience at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Hence, growing guest loyalty and retention for the future seasons. Furthermore, NexSigns digital signage serves as a crucial touchpoint in multiple locations. It keeps Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s branding consistency to create an omnichannel experience for families and guests.

“Revelstoke Mountain Resort wanted to replace their previous system, which had limited functionality and was difficult to manage and update. NexSigns provided them with a simple, elegant plug-and-play solution. Its easy management and integration of various media meet what Revelstoke needs throughout the world-class resort."
– Arvind Johal, Director of Sales at Kuusoft Corp.

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