Kuusoft Corporation Has Entered a Partnership with MMMco Hospitality to Provide a Digital Signage Solution

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Kuusoft Corporation Has Entered a Partnership with MMMco Hospitality to Provide a Digital Signage Solution

The partnership will see MMMco Hospitality incorporate digital menu boards in their chain of restaurants.

Burnaby, BC (August 30, 2023): A leading provider of digital signage solutions, Kuusoft Corporation, and Portland’s premier restaurant group, MMMco Hospitality, are pleased to announce their partnership. Through such collaboration, the restaurant chain will be equipped with comprehensive digital menu boards, thus improving the overall customer experience and satisfaction in multiple locations. This partnership adds MMMco Hospitality to the extensive list of brands in the hospitality and restaurant sector that upscale their customer service through Kuusoft’s signage solutions, NexSigns.

MMMco Hospitality owns six different restaurant brands in the United States. It has begun to roll out the digital menu boards from Kuusoft in two of its locations, BAES Chicken and Kinnamons

Before this partnership, MMMco Hospitality used the Howard Company for indoor and drive-thru digital menu boards. While installing these displays, they were required to set up a new computer to control them. Thus, the combined cost and time of purchasing, setting up, and wiring the TVs to the computer exceeded the initial investment.

Kuusoft became a clear choice, as its affordable plug-and-play system reduced MMMco’s digital menu board hardware expenses by more than 50%. Beyond the cost savings, partnering with Kuusoft enables MMMco Hospitality to capitalize on its core strength—maintaining complete control over its graphic assets—without the need to concern itself with technical details such as TV hardwiring.

David Nakamoto, the Creative Director for MMMco Hospitality, has been overseeing the partnership and will continue working with Kuusoft. Plans are underway to incorporate NexSigns into other MMMco Hospitality chain restaurants. David is impressed with NexSigns’ user-friendliness and affordability, and he is eager to use them for handling projects beyond MMMco.

For more information on NexSigns and its offers, please visit https://www.kuusoft.com/nexsigns/ 

About Kuusoft Corp.: Founded in 2002, Kuusoft Corp. is a digital menu board and digital signage solutions provider based in Burnaby, BC. Kuusoft develops innovative digital signage software and hardware. The company aims to make solutions for all business sectors worldwide.

To learn more, please visit www.kuusoft.com or call 604-639-7055. 

About MMMco Hospitality: Established as the premier culinary force in Portland, MMMCo Hospitality is committed to crafting exquisite cuisine and elevating dining establishments. With a passion for perfection, MMMCo reshapes the restaurant scene, ensuring every dish and ambiance exceeds expectations.

About BAES Chicken: BAES Chicken, also known as Baes Fried Chicken, is Portland’s beloved destination for crispy, flavorful fried chicken, proudly located in three prime spots. Additionally, BAES takes its irresistible fare to the Moda Center, delighting event-goers with its mouthwatering offerings


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