Define Your Digital Signage Marketing Strategy for Hotel

The hospitality industry is one of the most successful, profitable industries in the world. If you own a hotel that prepares the most tasteful delicacies and provides first-class hospitality services, then your business should be booming. However, this is not always the case. Maybe your business is not thriving the way you hoped it would. People do not seem to know or appreciate how great your hotel is. You can easily solve this problem by changing your hotel marketing tactics.


After all, how you market your business can make or break it. If you are looking to boost your hotel’s performance, you could employ a modern in-store marketing strategy known as digital signage. This tool involves installing digital devices, preferably screens, at strategic points within the establishment. The screens then display all kinds of offers, deals, and other useful information to your customers as they enjoy their meals.

Here is a review of some of the common hotel marketing strategies you have probably used before and how you can improve them using digital signage.

Proven Digital Signage Marketing Strategy for Hotel

1. Establishing a social media account

The online world is currently the biggest market in the world. By creating various social media accounts, you make information about your hotel accessible to thousands or millions of people.

You can provide detailed information about the hotel, such as its location, menu, room availability, specials, and offers, on your social media. You can also give a brief history of the hotel so that people can get to know more about it. People tend to go to places where they feel comfortable and familiar, which means that a brief history of your establishment could convince more potential customers to check into your hotel.

You can also post on the accounts pictures of your guests having a great time at the hotel. This will draw people to your business because everyone else will want to have a good time there.

How it can be improved with digitalized in-store marketing

With digital signage, you can put details of your several social medial accounts (Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram) on the screens. As the customers and guests enjoy their meals and stay at the hotel, they can find the social media accounts and learn more about the hotel.

You can also take high-quality pictures of people (who have given their consent) enjoying themselves at your business and display them on the screens. This works to show other potential customers how much fun they can have in your lodge.

2. Using technology to showcase your hotel

You can use the simple technology that you already have to market your hotel. A great way to do this is by using a video recorder to take a virtual tour of the entire hotel. You can then post the video on your social media to give people a virtual experience of what to expect when they come to your business.

This is a great way of attracting people because they will see for themselves what the hotel offers instead of depending on the opinion of third parties.

How it can be improved with digitalized in-hotel marketing

Digital screens can also be useful in displaying the virtual tour. The guests who are already at your hotel may not be aware of all the services your business can provide. New customers who have come to eat meals, for instance, may be surprised to see that the hotel also has a swimming pool, playground for children, a spa, and a conference room as well.

3. Rewarding customer loyalty

A great way to retain customers at your establishment is by making them feel noticed and appreciated by giving them loyalties. Once you notice some frequent faces at your establishment, take advantage of it by occasionally rewarding them with discounted or free stays. You can also give them meal vouchers and special offers.

This strategy will appeal to the majority of your customers and will build stronger relationships with them. Frequent tourists who have stayed at your establishment during their visits will happily recommend your hotel to their family and friends.

How it can be improved with digitalized in-store marketing

Encourage more frequent guests to seek discounts and vouchers by displaying offers on digital screens. Note that it might prove difficult to keep track of all the frequent visitors at the hotel.

By displaying the special offers for frequent guests on the screens and encouraging them to ask for the discounts and vouchers, the guest will request the rewards confidently and easily. This will strengthen your brand image as well as your relationship with your guests.

4. Hosting local events as hotel marketing

Hosting local events is a great way of promoting your hotel among the locals. There is always an event planned somewhere, and by agreeing to host a few frequently, you could attract attention to your hotel through advertising and word of mouth.

How it can be improved with digitalized in-store marketing

You can advertise on the screens about the local event that your hotel is hosting by inviting people to come to the event with their friends or families. By doing this, your business will become a destination for locals and attract people who are looking for a bona fide experience.

5. Offering professional services

The most effective way of guaranteeing that guests will come back to your hotel is by offering them high-quality services. It is also a very effective method of marketing. How do the employees of the establishment handle the customers? Ensure that all your guests receive dignity and respect by employing well-trained, ethical, professional staff. Satisfied guests will more likely recommend your hotel to other people.

How it can be improved with digitalized in-store marketing

Advertise on the screens about the first-class services that your hotel offers to its guests. The more the customers see it, the more they believe it. First-time guests will also find this reassuring as they stay or eat at the establishment.

If you are now considering installing digital signage software to enhance your hotel’s marketing, Kuusoft Corp is the place to go. The company is dedicated to providing enterprise-level software solutions to a wide range of industries and businesses.

The main digitalized in-store marketing software the company provides is NexSigns.

How can NexSigns integrate both hotel marketing and online marketing?

NexSigns will help you inform your guests about all the must-see attractions at the hotel. The software will do this by creating an extraordinary experience from the reception area to the banquet hall.

Promotion of the restaurant’s food, the prices, offers, and available discounts is possible by the software. It will help you display this information most colourfuly and creatively possible.

NexSigns will also help promote the hotel’s brand in a stunning, engaging, and artistic presentation.

You can learn more about NexSigns’ Digital Signage solution and connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on digital signage!

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