Modern Solutions in Modern Ski Resort Digital Signage

Digital display boards and digitized signage are on the rise. It’s one of the best ways to convey the most up-to-date information to hotel patrons and employees. Just think about it! A customizable digital ski resort signage has endless possibilities when it comes to displaying information. A few of these possibilities include:


      • Information on trails and lift tickets

      • Seasonal promotions

      • Rental and lodging information

      • Up-to-date weather forecast

      • And more!

    Digital signage can revolutionize displays. It is much easier to change than outdated printed signs. Any computer can change the display. And, in addition, it can be monitored remotely along with the status of the screens in the hotel. Changes made to one screen or a group of screens at a time. Display updates can also be pre-scheduled, so the updates happen right on time.

    How to Get Started with Ski Resort Digital Signage

    First, it’s important to identify the places in the resort that get the most foot traffic. That way, each display can reach as many people as possible. Then only three steps remain to successfully install digital signage:

    1. Get a TV or Commercial Display

    Commercial displays are perfect for digital signage. They can withstand many hours of display time (up to 50,000 hours). A regular TV will also do the trick. However, the caveat is that it might not last as long or be as durable as a commercial sign display.

    2. Attach a Media Player

    This will connect to the display, and it allows its display to project the specified media content. Nano PC-3 is a great place to start for media players.

    3. Install Digital Signage Software

    The right cloud storage for ski resort digital signage ensures that content can easily be created and organized. NexSigns is a software that makes creating quality digital signage content a breeze. It offers templates used to create organized content. In addition, it will allow users to schedule signage as well as monitor all signs remotely.

    6 Reasons to Make the Switch to Digital Signage

    1. Up-to-Date Welcome Info

    As the resort gets busier, so do the staff. This means that customers may not be able to reach a staff member to learn about all the different amenities the resort has to offer. This is where digital signage can shine. It’s the perfect way to make sure guests have access to the information they need to maximize their stay. As guests wait in the welcome area – perhaps for a taxi, a valet, or an appointment – they have easy access to everything the hotel has to offer.
    With cloud storage options like NexSigns, hotel owners can create a beautiful display. Moreover, it can give guests all the information they need in a Google Slides format. And, if someone makes changes to the display, it takes mere seconds to edit and update the slide.

    2. Digital Menus & Concierge Services

    Digital screen displays can be tailored to the specific needs of the guests. and scheduled to display different screens at certain times. For example, if the hotel is serving a hot breakfast every morning, a menu can appear on the display. It can even have images of all the delicious food available to them at that time.

    After breakfast, the display board could show options for sightseeing, the weather forecast, and local activities. It could also feature directions to local attractions.

    In the evening, the timed display could point out local bars and restaurants, as well as relevant taxi points. If the guests are already in the hotel, there is no need to bombard them with hotel advertising or marketing. Let the guests make the most of their stay thanks to helpful and useful digital signage.

    3. Art & Decor

    Nothing is more impressive than a piece of art hanging proudly in the lobby of a modern hotel. Resorts across the world use digital displays to bring art to their lobbies and welcome centers.
    Art placed on large indoor displays to make rooms look bigger than they really are. Signage featuring art from local artists and photographers makes the space feel sophisticated.
    Large digital displays are perfect for curating a specific mood for a space. Instead of purchasing one static painting, which owners change out every few years, try purchasing a digital display that can dynamically change to reflect the mood of the space.

    4. Information for Travelling

    Travel delays can make or break a trip for guests. Nothing is worse than missing a flight or transportation to an important destination. Ski resort digital signage can help improve the overall guest experience. Also, it makes sure the guests can organize their schedules to maximize their getaway.
    From Lyfts to bus schedules to traffic delays, NexSign digital displays in a prominent place will save employees time informing guests of important information. It will also allow that information to reach a wide array of guests all at once.

    5. Advertisements

    Advertisements alongside of useful information are less likely to make guests feel bombarded. Split-screen displays will allow guests to view the information they need. It also allows advertisers to display ads on the screen. The ski resort digital signage can showcase a wide array of local restaurants and businesses. The whole community wins when hotels decide to install digital displays.

    6. Entertaining Guests

    News, TV, even films from Netflix – with the proper licenses and ski resort digital signage, the lobby can become a place of entertainment for guests. Go beyond the same old cable channels on TV and stream a popular movie or other relevant entertainment.
    Think outside of the box: try YouTube tutorials, blogs, and playlists full of travel information and local sights for guests. The right entertainment keeps guests around in a lobby, a waiting area, or a restaurant. Or it can give them more ideas for their stay in the area.
    Also, digital signage can share social media updates. The digital displays can be full of images of previous customers enjoying their stay. Or, create walls of positive reviews and testimonials. They can give guests confidence that they made the right choice in their ski resort or hotel.

    Upgrade & Transform Hospitality

    Installing digital signage can significantly improve the guest experience. Additionally, it can keep them coming back year after year for more fun. There is no better way for hotel owners to beautify and streamline their high-traffic areas than with digital signage.

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