Gym Motivation: 9 Ways to Motivate Gym Members Based on Science

a small gym with class schedule on digital signage
Providing entertainment, motivation content, colorful ambiance. Discover 9 scientifically proven ways you can motivate gym members.

Exercise is one of the things that require a lot of motivation. Most people prioritize their daily chores over attending a gym session and working out. It is just because our gyms miss those motivation elements. They are boring hubs where one has to come daily because he/she feels guilty about the fee they have already paid.

Many platforms online provide people with the kind of content that motivates them to get out of their bed and give at least an hour to the gym. I mean, we all know how important it is to burn those extra calories that have stayed with you after a fulfilling weekend dinner.

Now, if you are wondering what could be the essential element that can change the game of fitness clubs and increase their customer engagement and profit, this is what I am here to tell you about. Digital signage screens can be useful for countless purposes in the gym. It does not just motivate your members to become regular but also makes a refreshing ambiance of the gym. They make your session full of entertainment not to feel dull and sleepy while working out.

According to Arbitron’s research, 70 percent of gym members watch up to forty minutes of TV per visit.

A bright and colorful screen playing music videos right in front does wonders with mood-lifting. Here are a few scientific ways you can motivate your gym members.

1. Entertainment

A music video, a funny TV show, or an infotainment program can be a great entertainment source for the people working out. Any entertaining thing on a signage screen display in front can hype your member’s enthusiasm, and in this way, he can work hard on his muscles.

A tiring deed mixed with a hint of entertainment makes it recreational. People will appear regularly if they enjoy their sessions.

Studies show that when music is being played while exercising, your moves synchronize with it. That is why it is instructed to play hardcore music while running on a treadmill.  Gentle music should be your choice during post-workout stretching sessions or yoga practices.

2. Motivational Content

Studies have shown that about 50 percent of gym members drop out within the first three months. Tons of videos are available online that are made with the purpose of motivation. Most people pull themselves out of their comfort zones to come to the gym because they do not feel satisfied in those fit clothes showing all their body fat.

Such people require a lot of motivation because they get done with this circle of showing up in the gym, getting all the looks, feeling embarrassed, and then quitting the gym altogether. The process continues after a couple of months in another Gymnasium.

To motivate and encourage such a kind of people journey of work out of other similar people can be played on the digital signage screens displayed in-front. Their success stories can keep them going with the motto ‘if they can do it, I can do it too.’

3. Colorful Ambiance

You can make your gym’s environment refreshing and enjoyable by adding colors to the walls. Machinery and weights along with mats lying around horrify the workers if there is only that.

Technology makes it lifelike. Try to implant several digital signage screens. Such screens give 4K ultra high definition resolutions with sharp colors making the environment bright and striking. You can play music, display gym etiquettes, put others’ work out journey videos, Zumba exercise videos, instructor guidelines, first aid tips, schedule or class timing, ads related to the gym stuff, announcements, and much more.

4. Social Media Freaks into Fitness Freaks

As we all know how social media rules over the world these days. If your gym is adorned with the latest technology like some digital screens, smart gym equipment, and the latest machinery, it will naturally create a fuss among the population. They would like to visit or join it as a member. This will make their social media game strong by posting pictures in such an advanced gym. It will work as a marketing trick as well as a human benefit. People will get motivated to work out for the sake of their social media posts.

5. Motivate Introverts

A lot of people hate going to social gatherings and meeting people. Such people like to stay more at home as a consequence they gain extra pounds every month. Gyms now have cabins to motivate people towards exercising who are not comfortable working out with others. And they are given virtual classes or shown pre-recorded sessions through a digital signage screen because ‘no’ to work out is not an option. You got to shed those fat tissues no matter what.

6. Offers and Codes

People who cannot afford the fee but want to join the gym or the members who are already working out but cannot pay the fees due to some reasons can be motivated to keep working out in your fitness club by providing them discount codes or offers. That can be shown on the signage screen displayed above the receptionists’ desk so that money should not become the hurdle and the nation can get rid of obesity hand in hand.

7. Motivate Food lovers

For food-loving gym members who like to maintain a healthy lifestyle but can not compromise on the quality and taste, it isn’t easy to start dieting. To motivate such people, cafes should be made to exhibit high-quality taste. Protein shakes, and a variety of salads should be provided under the same roof. This might excite people to work out and later treat themselves with a burst of flavors. The menu of the café should be shown on a signage screen inside the exercise area so that it can persuade people to do the hard part now to get the reward later.

8. New Clothes New Me

People tend to show more energy and positive behavior when they wear new clothes or buy a new pair of shiny joggers. Their reflection in new clothes on the mirror gives them the stamina and motivation they require for exercising.

Digital signage screens can play their role in this case by showcasing ads of athleisure wear that people might like and make an impulsive purchase in an attempt to be more vigorous and motivated for their future workout sessions.

9. No Excuse for an Absence

People who are fans of sports often get absent so that they can watch the match. Similarly, those who are into politics do not like to skip important presidential speech or prime minister’s live session. Such people should not have an excuse to get absent; rather, digital screens can live stream such things in the gym on those days. It will motivate members to attend their workout sessions as well as enjoy the live stream.

Final Words: Motivation Matters in the Gyms

In conclusion, motivating your gym members is not so difficult. It requires a bit of dedication towards them and a few shouting slogans like ‘You can do it mate’ and you are good to go.

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