How to Promote and Market Your Medical Practice with Digital Signage

In most cases, medical practices do not take their time to promote and market themselves more. Most of them just perform direct communication, ads in local news sources, and courtesy calls to patients. Most waiting rooms have dull magazines and even bland TV that do not offer any value to patients or even help create a good patient experience. As such, these facilities are missing the opportunity to promote their medical practice, enhance the in-patient as well as online patient experience, using digital signage and User-Generated Content (UGC).

It is important to note that digital signage marketing approaches are derived from content. The digital displays can easily capture the patients’ attention, but this only lasts for a short while if it is not accompanied by relevant content. UGC includes any asset that is shared by fans through testimonials, photos, or tweets. In this scenario, patients are the ones who are promoting the facility. UGC is a highly trusted, affordable, and efficient way to create brand-specific content compared to traditional advertising solutions.

4 Ways to Market Your Medical Practice with Digital Signage

There are numerous ways of marketing medical practice with digital signage. Below are some of the most critical ones.

1. Highlight Patient Stories and Experiences

You can reach out to your loyal and long-term patients to share the experiences they have had with your clinic. Positive stories will make new patients feel more comfortable and assist in building trust.

2. Display the Performance Rate

You can request clients to disclose if they were satisfied with the experience they had at your facility before they leave. Displaying this information will help keep track of your performance, which is beneficial for both you and the patient. Patients are able to prove the quality of service that you offer, and you will be able to track the internal performance daily.

3. Use Patient Reviews to Improve the Image and Reputation

When conducted correctly, patient reviews can be of significant help when it comes to marketing medical practice with digital signage. You can display positive patient reviews in order to reassure incoming patients that you offer quality services. Again, these reviews can be highlighted on social media to improve the clinic’s online reputation. Use poor reviews that have credible responses from your facility to show how well you handle complaints as well as engage with patients.

4. Show Expertise

Displaying medical professionals’ knowledge and expertise in your clinic will give patients the confidence to open about their issues, hence improving the chances of positive outcomes. You can use various health discussion forum platforms. And these platforms can offer Q&A content to display your expertise for patients who are in the waiting rooms.

5 Content Creation Tips

Here are tips to consider when creating display visuals to be used for marketing and promoting medical practice with digital signage.

1. Identify Your Audience

Knowing the type of individuals that come to your medical practice (including children, adult patients, and health care advocates) is essential. Because it enables you to create content that relates to them directly, hence you can promote your medical practice effectively.

2. Create an Editorial Calendar

This involves highlighting all holidays, events, and seasons across the year in order to have a sense of direction when it comes to content creation. You should find resources to create and update content and then come up with a plan and dates to update your playlist. Your playlist can have various content options, including static graphics, interactive media, videos, and animations.

3. Bonus Content

Design and enhance your plans using branded frames or news stickers, among other features. This will help you to promote your annual initiatives utilizing the space around your primary asset.

4. Repurpose

You should create healthcare content that can also be used in several ways or platforms, including a website or using the graphics on your brochure.

5. Call-To-Action

In the end, your content should be able to encourage people to take action towards things like scheduling an appointment for preventative care or even using your facility’s patient portal. Your call-to-action should be clear and precise, illustrating exactly what steps your patients need to take.

What to Include In Your Digital Signage Playlist 

Personal Information

You can tell or display a story of how you started as well as why you started your practice. You should share another side of your hospital and let your patients get an inside look of your practice and also share information on your impact on the community, among other things. This is important as it helps patients to relate to your practice more.

Data Regarding Improving Health

You can put up content that helps your patients understand and gain knowledge regarding the services and behaviors that enable them to control and improve their health.

Data on Your Staff Members

You can include display visuals with employee introductions to help your patients learn and familiarize themselves with your key team of professionals.

Data on Preventative Care

You should inform your patients about the importance of immunizations and screening in preventing them from getting sick.

Patient Portal Promotions

You can embrace EHR portal adoption by showing the tools as well as benefits available to your patients and caregivers.

Event Details

You can include compositions regarding special events that your hospital is planning to host in the course of the year. You can also promote offerings (that people do not know about from your facility directly to your patients. Again, your digital creative assets can act as a way to boost revenue streams by providing promotions for complementary providers as well as elective services.

Data on Healthcare Tips At Home

Suppose you have a number of patients who are dealing with home healthcare for a family member or themselves. In that case, you should offer information about how they can safely conduct such activities. In addition, your creative assets could include caregiver resources.

Seasonal Initiatives

You should update the content as the seasons change. This is important as it will help you offer relevant information on healthcare initiatives. For example, school sports physicals during fall and flu shots during winter, among others.

Data on National Healthcare Initiatives

You can use national marketing materials as well as campaigns from large initiatives to promote healthcare awareness events (days, months, or weeks). This is a sideway to promote your medical practice as you educate and give patients more advice.

Procedures’ Information

You should create content that educates your patients regarding various procedures in order to help them relax and ease their anxiety. Again, this will help them know what to expect when they come for their appointments. A great return rate is the best way to promote your medical practice.

Patient-Generated Content

You can also include your patients in your digital signage content by sharing their experiences, reviews as well as photos. These can include birth announcements, before and after pictures, and even vacation images. However, you need to ask your patients for permission first before sharing such images and content.

Selecting the Right Digital Signage for Promoting Your Medical Practice

The marketplace is full of companies offering various solutions; hence, you need to consider some factors to make sure you get the ideal one for your medical practice. You should ensure that it is able to increase your audience. You need a solution that helps you increase your customer network by displaying exactly what they are searching for. Consider one that is easy to set up as well as make changes. From any of your mobile devices, including tablets, desktop, smartphone, or laptop. It is also important to select one that gives you a total solution or an option to do it yourself by providing all the required tools.

Marketing medical practice with digital signage and UGC is a powerful approach that medical professionals can use to improve how patients perceive their facilities.

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