Digital Menu Boards With Animation Have Better Conversions

a quick service restaurant and digital menu boards with animation
Attraction, Attention, Conversion. Digital Menu Boards With Animation has a higher conversion. With NexSigns digital menu technology, you can take foodservice to a new level.

Owning, running, and operating quick-service restaurants or fast-casual dining restaurants is a very challenging career choice. The restaurant business is very competitive. So, to be successful, you have to change with the times and take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. With NexSigns, you can take your foodservice business to a new level of success. Along with its Smart Menu Editor (SME) and Editable Animation System (EAS) features, NexSigns has so much to offer.

Technology for quick-service restaurants and other foodservice venues has significantly advanced in the past decades. The advancement makes it easier to take orders, manage food costs, and promote and sell food

items. One of the most remarkable additions for quick service restaurants and casual dining restaurants is the digital menu board. This innovative and easy-to-use electronic menu system offers better conversions. It is proven to increase sales and attract attention to your food items.

What is a Digital Menu Board?

A digital menu board (DMB) can display items, prices, and photos of food items on a large electronic screen or board. Electronic boards are an excellent choice for any fast-casual restaurant, bar, or cafeteria-style dining establishment.

Increase Your Sales in Quick Service Restaurants

For bars or food restaurants, food sales are key to success, and how you present items can directly impact sales. Paper menus or static menu boards don’t offer the versatility of digital boards. Digital displays not only act as a means to display your items to customers. They serve as a promotional tool as well. With eye-catching displays that are bright and full of colors, customers get an accurate view of your cuisine with enticing plate presentation photos along with descriptions and prices. Electronic displays also make upselling food items easy. Restaurant patrons are more likely to order additional items when they can see how good the food looks. When it comes to dining out, customers begin the meal with their eyes.

Digital Menu Boards with Animation and Videos Attract Attention

When you add digital animation to a menu board, the benefits increase profoundly. Studies have proven that the human eye is drawn to animated objects more than static objects. When you combine DMB technology with animation, you get a powerful method of attraction to your menus and business. For quick-service restaurants and fast-casual dining restaurants, animation’s benefits can result in more customer engagement and more significant sales from new and potential customers.

Animation and video can influence how people think, react, and how and what they purchase. Watching an animation or video of someone enjoying a well-prepared and delicious looking meal is a great way to entice people to order food from your menu. The animation is also a great way to get children and young people involved in the dining experience. Children find it easier to choose what they want by seeing it rather than reading a static menu.

With Nexsigns’ Editable Animation System, you’ll never need the help of a designer to create new and eye-catching animations. We offer the first and only digital signage and menu boards that can be easily edited by non-designers. With an Editable Animation System, you can integrate images and text into high-quality and seamless animations. This innovative and cutting edge technology is a great addition for any quick-service restaurant or other foodservice establishments.

Make Fast and Easy Changes With NexSigns Smart Menu Editor

With our Smart Menu Editor, you can easily make changes to your menu without the help of a technician or computer geek. Item changes, daily specials, and new promotions are a big part of the fast-casual and quick-service restaurant business. To be competitive, you need to make changes fast and get your specials and new promotions out in the public eye as soon as possible. SME makes editing your menu simple. You can update prices, descriptions, and food items in seconds.

Digital Menu Boards with Animation: Cost-effective and Affordable

When you compare the cost of a traditional menu board with a digital board’s cost, a traditional board’s upfront cost is lower. However, in the long run, and when you consider higher the potential for higher sales, a digital board will save and earn you more money. If you use hand-printed menus, you will not need to spend time and money on new designs and printing. When you have a new promotion, you simply update your digital board with the new item. You can also use digital displays for marketing new and upcoming promotions, saving you money by lowering your marketing budget.

Setting up and Designing Your Digital Menu Board with Animation

Setting up and adding content to your new DMB can be an exciting time. It may seem as if the possibilities for your personal designs and layouts are endless, and with DMB technology, they almost are. With electronic boards, you can use static or animated content. Animated content attracts more attention and has better results than static content. In the food business, a picture is worth a thousand words. Images and photos of great looking food can translate to a lot of money in sales. If you want to be innovative and fresh, try using a combination of static images and animation, so you can get the best of both worlds from your electronic display technology. It’s best to plan several design themes and layouts for your menu board and choose the one the best suits your business needs and goals.

Times are changing fast, and technology is advancing at warp speeds. No matter what line of business your in, technology will play a hand in how well you succeed or if you succeed at all. In the food service business, upselling, marketing, and how well you promote and sell your items will mean the difference between success and failure. DMB technology is the best option for fast-casual or quick-service restaurants when it comes to presenting and promoting items, attracting attention, and increasing sales.

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