Vancouver Aquarium Launched Digital Signage with Kuusoft Smart Menu Editor

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Kuusoft Debuts Smart Menu Editor with Vancouver Aquarium

Beloved Institution Is First to Use New, Automated Digital Menu Board System

Burnaby, BC (November 25, 2019)The world-renowned Vancouver Aquarium has debuted its new digital menu boards in several cafes and foodservice locations across its approximately 9,000 square meter facility. Differing from typical digital menu board solutions, this is the first use of Kuusoft’s Smart Menu Editor.

The Smart Menu Editor grants versatility to digital signage users by removing the worry about spacing, margins, and other formatting. Instead of relying on graphic designers to redesign every small update, the Smart Menu Editor automatically formats any changes while presevering the design aesthetic and feel.

The use of the Smart Menu Editor became critically important for the Vancouver Aquarium. The aquarium changes both operation times and menu offerings throughout the year, so the flexibility to instantly change their menu without the need of paying and waiting for a graphic designer was crucial.

“We change our entire menu throughout the year after we go through several planning steps, and, as supporters of local vendors, we also need to alter items due to the seasonal product availability with these suppliers. The digital menu boards provided by Kuusoft have made execution of this very quick and straightforward.”
– Shannon Kardera, Outlets Manager – Vancouver Aquarium

The Smart Menu Editor is another step in making digital signage more responsive, smarter, and capable of doing more. Kuusoft’s digital signage team says that it has received a great deal of interest since debuting the new solution and is looking forward to partnering with new clients to deliver this adaptable solution.

About Kuusoft Corp.Kuusoft Corp. is a digital menu board and digital signage total solution provider based in Burnaby, BC. Founded in 2002, Kuusoft is dedicated to developing cutting-edge digital signage software solutions and digital signage hardware for all business sectors around the world.


For more information contact Brandon Yen at or +1 866-546-8838.

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