American Cheesesteak Co. Metrotown Expands with NexSigns Digital Menu Boards

Front of the American Cheese Steak Co quick service restraurant with digital menu board mounted above the counter

BURNABY, B.C.  March 30, 2016

The famous American Cheesesteak Co. has expanded its second location with Kuusoft, a total solution provider of digital menu boards and digital signage provider, to bring the amazing food and customer experience from Davie Street, in Downtown Vancouver, to Metropolis, at Metrotown.

After its previous satisfying collaboration with Kuusoft NexSigns, as a repeat client, the American Cheesesteak Co. values the benefits and potential that NexSigns digital menu boards have brought to the business. Compared to restaurants with traditional menu boards, NexSigns digital menu boards provide the ability to dynamically showcase menu items and daily specials to social media through eye-catching images and vivid animations. With NexSigns’ exclusive editable templates, the American Cheesesteak Co. can make modifications promptly and update its menu at any time and from anywhere, allowing the owner to have full control of the digital menu boards in a timely manner.

“After replacing our traditional displays, it was clear how much better the digital menu actually looks. New customers are drawn towards it, and it’s making the ordering process much smoother,” said Amy Pratt, manager at American Cheesesteak Co.

About Kuusoft Corp.: Kuusoft Corp. is a digital menu boards and digital signage total solution provider based in Burnaby, BC. Founded in 2002, Kuusoft is dedicated to developing cutting-edge digital signage software solutions and digital signage hardware for all business sectors around the world.

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