VE Hospitality Group Partners with Kuusoft to Deploy Digital Signage Solutions for Its Cafés and Restaurant

VE Hospitality Group with NexSigns digital signage

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VE Hospitality Group Partners with Kuusoft to Deploy Digital Signage Solutions for Its Cafés and Restaurant

Across various VE Hospitality Group locations, Kuusoft’s digital signage solutions have been installed to advertise promotions and show menus.

Vancouver, BC (May 10, 2024): a leading hospitality group, Vida & Estilo Hospitality Group (VE), has chosen Kuusoft Corporation, a total solutions provider, to elevate customer experience across its network. This partnership aims to enhance customer interactions through innovative technology.

The decision to partner with Kuusoft was informed by its reputation in providing reliable digital signage solutions, NexSigns. Rafael Romero, VP of Sales and Marketing, and others recognized that Kuusoft’s offerings fit the company’s goals to provide a dynamic and engaging customer experience.

Through this partnership, VE Hospitality Group has deployed Kuusoft’s solutions in 26 locations, including popular venues such as Oh! Mexico Restaurant and Café Americano in Miami, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada. The initiative began with a pilot project in their Cuban coffee shop, Cortadito, where the effectiveness of NexSigns in improving customer engagement and sales was evident, leading to a broader implementation.

The high-performance commercial-grade media player, Nano-PC 3, along with NexSigns software, is now pivotal in VE Hospitality’s strategy to attract customers. The clarity and dynamic content delivered by these solutions are key in showcasing their culinary offerings and enriching the overall atmosphere.

Kuusoft’s digital signage solutions provide real-time content updates, remote control, and easy editability, which are crucial to maintain VE Hospitality Group’s menu and latest promotions during peak dining hours. With NexSigns, companies, restaurants, and enterprises get digital displays to showcase offers or important information their customers need to know.

The implementation of NexSigns digital signage and the Nano-PC 3 across VE Hospitality’s locations demonstrates how tailored technology solutions can transform an environment, creating a more engaging space for customers. The Group remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of client satisfaction and Kuusoft is proud to be a proponent.

About Kuusoft Corp.: Since 2002 Kuusoft has been a leading provider of digital signage solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of hardware and software products to enhance communication and engagement. With a focus on user-friendly solutions and cutting-edge technology, Kuusoft empowers businesses across various industries to create captivating and dynamic visual experiences.

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About V&E Hospitality Group: V&E Hospitality Group, which translates to Life and Style in Spanish is a culinary industry pioneer behind some of the most recognizable and finest restaurant concepts. The brand exudes a lifestyle concept that blends gastronomy, mixology, entertainment, and a unique vibe into each location.

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