Remote Reboot

Glitches do happen, which is why NexSigns is equipped with digital signage Remote Reboot. You can fix almost all digital signage issues with a simple reboot. You can reboot your digital signage from any location with this feature. While it is rare for our software to encounter a problem, rest assured that you can resolve it from anywhere.

Your ultimate safety net, on the cloud

Execute a remote system reboot on any display through our online platform. You can reboot the entire system, or an individual screen, with a single click. Solve most issues on your own by rebooting instead of needing help from an IT team. Your system will never be down for long with this digital signage Remote Reboot. 

Fully Remote

Initiate a reboot from our online platform, even if you are away from your digital displays. Having digital signage remote reboot available will allow you to solve any problems with ease.

digital signage remote reboot

Let the magic handle things on its own

Our digital signage Remote Reboot system uses Magic Packets. A magic packet is a request you can send through the internet to reboot your signage from anywhere. With this program rebooting, your screens will always be a quick and simple process. Digital signage Remote Reboot lets you resolve any unexpected problems no matter where you are. You won’t have to worry about your digital signage working, even when you are out of town.

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