What Is the Most Profitable Item on a Fast-Food Menu?

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Fast-food chains have much to consider. From preparing the most delicious foods in their kitchen to presenting the most appetizing platters and providing the best watering services, they need to look after every aspect. All their services should be satisfying for the customers and prove cost-effective for your restaurant or fast-food chain. A very efficient way of being lucrative in your fast-food business is to display your menu, keeping in mind the profitability factor. When creating your menu, think of the most profitable fast-food menu items. Do not only put them on your board but also give them the required limelight so that the customers have their focus over these items.

Besides considering the profitability, never neglect the quality and taste of your food. These food items should also be of top-notch quality and mesmerizingly delicious.

For all QSR owners and fast-casual restaurant managers, or the professionals who work closely with the fast-casual food industry, if you are planning for a profitable fast-food menu, consider focusing on a few items both cost-effective and tasty.

The Most Profitable Fast-Food Menu Items

Here are a few recommendations for profitable fast-food items for your restaurant.

1. Specifying Meals

Provide customers with the specific meals for the time of their order. Provide breakfasts, lunch, and dinners. When customers want to go out for breakfast, they would not want to eat burgers or pizzas. He wants something light and refreshing to start his day. Offer pancakes, wraps, coffee, and other special breakfast items in the morning. Similarly, provide specifying meals throughout the day.

2. Hot and Cold Beverages

Beverages prove to be highly cost-effective. Providing alcohol, juices, cold drinks, tea, coffee, and various other drinks will help you increase the customer’s check cost without him noticing it. Also, providing fountain drinks helps to increase the profit. When a customer finds a refill at almost half the price, it tempts him into refilling the glass.

3. Soups and Stews

Utilizing the leftover food ingredients saves you a lot of money. Think of it in a way that there is something that is to be get wasted. What if you mark it up with a little effort from your kitchen and present it as a high selling dish in your menu? It will not only save you from unnecessary waste but will also prove to be highly profitable.

The most common method is to prepare soups from leftover vegetables and stews from leftover bones and meat.

4. Pizzas

Pizzas are not only comparatively cheaper to prepare, but they also provide a very high sale. They are the present trend in the market. You can increase your profits by delivering smaller to larger pizzas and many other offers to the customers.

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millennials and Gen Z

5. Special Kids Menu

Children are the most challenging customers to satisfy. They do want not only good taste but also a colorful and attractive menu. Alter the already existing meal items in a fun and creative way to make them unique and memorable for the children. Further, you can charge your customers for that creativity too.

6. Nose-to-Tail Items

When buying meat from your butcher, you buy specific parts according to the requirements. As the remaining animal goes to waste, the butcher charges extra for those parts. You can save your money and build a good relationship with your butcher using the nose tail items.

Prepare the in-demand parts per the tradition and use the remaining portions, either in stews or get your professional chefs to prepare something out of the box. If that item hits the customers, you can earn some amazingly handsome profits.

7. Providing Add-ons and Side Options

Providing only a burger when the customer orders one is not a wise thing to do. Provide the customer with something extra and do charge him for that. Prepare a list of add-ons and side options. Your customer would not mind spending a few pennies above his $7 burger.

8. Using Deals and Offers

Use discounts and other offers to attract customers. Buy one and get free offers, buy a burger and get a drink free of cost offers, buy three pizzas for one’s price. These offers, although they seem costly on your side, in the end, all prove to be profitable. These are the most efficient methods of attracting customers. This helps to create a chain of new customers, opening your wallet to further profits.

a cafe with a panel of digital menu boards
NexSigns Digital Menu Boards at the Delly

Using Digital Menu Boards

Above all, just getting profitable fast-food menu items would not help you create a cost-effective menu. You should know how to use them effectively. Think of the ways to showcase these items and offers. One of them is the usage of digital signage technology. Digital menu boards can help quickly update, showcase, and highlight the most profitable options. They will help you in many ways to make profits from your updated menus.

Digital Menu boards will help you in the following ways.

1. Attract Customers

Digital Signage is a way to attract customers. It looks very eye-catchy and appealing to the customers. If you own an outlet at a cafeteria, customers visiting the other chains will see attraction in your outlet. It will result in a good number of customers.

2. Highlight Your Profitable Fast-Food Menu Items

Having profitable food items on your menu will be of no use unless you can adequately highlight them in your menus. Use digital signage to achieve this goal. The highlighted one should always be the profitable food item you aim to sell the most to display other food items. It will catch the eyes of the customers leading to maintaining a leading profitable item.

3. Increase Your Profits

Using the digital signage technology effectively will help you to increase the sales of your desired food item. You can target an item that is both delicious and cost-saving. When the profitable menu item results in maximum sales, you will observe a considerable increase in your profits.

Contact NexSigns to get a Digital Menu Board for your fast-food restaurant. They provide a variety of services to ensure the maintenance of leading profitable fast-food menu items. They have an easy to install process for your convenience to have a very comforting and beneficial experience.

Digital signage technology is rapidly becoming a new trend. Every fast-food chain is acquiring the services for a better customer experience and an increase in their profits. If you do not want to be left behind or even want to move ahead of others, consider using digital menu boards with focused techniques.

You can learn more about NexSigns’ Digital Menu Board solution and connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on digital signage!

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