Which Are the Most Profitable Food Business Ideas?

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Food is one product in the entire world consumed daily three times a day in the whole world. In developed countries, people often tend to stray toward food during weird times of the day. Whether it a pre-dinner snack or a late-night snack that you go looking for, food is always in demand. Fry such a high demand, there is a need for high supply as well.

You need to keep your eyes open for businesses that will help boost your profitability in no time. The food business is one where profit can be easy to obtain because of the high demand for food items. But, when we talk about the food industry, it can get very vague as the industry is enormous.

There are thousands of different types of food items that businesses are providing. Which one should you choose? To clear away this ambiguity, we have created this list of the most profitable food businesses.

3 Most Profitable Food Business Ideas

1. Ice-Cream Parlor

We can say for sure that you won’t know of anyone who doesn’t jump up and down at the excitement of going to an ice-cream parlor. Ice-creams parlors are a favorite not just for children but for adults as well. In the year 2017, 1.4 billion gallons of frozen treats and ice cream desserts were produced. The revenue from the ice-cream store industry will reach $5.7 billion in the upcoming years.


  • Ice-cream parlors are beneficial when it comes to management because there is not high labor involved. After following the 3-4 significant steps, you can obtain the result.
  •  Another major pro of opening an ice-cream parlor is that ice-creams demand to be high throughout the year. This is why it is one of the most profitable food businesses. While most people like to eat ice-creams in summers and the warmer part of the year, some would even pair it with a coffee or a cake in winters to get their sweet, dairy intake.


  • Once all the equipment is in place, the rest is easy. But, investing in them can be quite expensive. A few types of machinery have to be in place for an ice cream parlor to exist.

2. Bakery

In the list of most profitable food businesses, bakeries are a close second. Since the products sold in a bakery are of low price, they are always in demand.  The average revenue for a bakery sums up to $450,000.


  • Bakeries are high in demand. There is always a need for eggs, bread, milk, and other necessities. Moreover, when they start to profit, these bakeries can expand and launch into incorporating other intricate sweets on the menu.
  • Another significant benefit is that you can operate from your home’s comfort and open it up for deliveries if you choose to start on a small scale. This way, one can avoid high capital costs.


  • Specialization in the field of cooking and baking is required for a bakery to proceed smoothly. This specialization can be expensive to attain, and it can be hard to train individuals as well.

Digital menu board for donuts with santa parachuting for a Christmas design


Donut shop is one of the most profitable food businesses in north America.

3. Pizza Shop

Next up, we have a pizza shop on the list. Pizza is a huge favorite for people of all huge which makes it always in demand. Just in one day, pizza shops can get an average of $1,253 in revenue per day.


  • If you are creating traditionally styled pizzas, you can produce them with a low cost of goods sold. Moreover, if it is a soft scale operation, you won’t even feel the need to hire staff to serve the pizza as people can grab it on the go.
  • Starting a pizza shop is better than opening a full-blown restaurant because there’re fewer details to manage. Moreover, the amount of training required would be comparatively less too.


  • Even though the amount of training and management would be less when comparing with a restaurant, but on its own, this can be quite demanding as well. People who own pizza shops can either have trained specialists working or learn to bake themselves to avoid paying tons to a chef.

Three panel digital menu board implemented at Famous Famiglia Pizza hangs above the restaurant counter


Profitable QSR Idea: Pizza Shops

How To Increase Profitability?

These might be some of the most profitable food businesses, but all your profits could go down the drain if you don’t employ the right trips and tricks. It is essential to have various technologies incorporated into the system to make the process smooth.

With technology on the rise, the one system which seems to be all the hype recently is digital signage. Digital signage is widely used by restaurants all over the world. When we talk about the most profitable food businesses, they employ digital signage to keep their customers engaged.

The purpose of digital signage is to provide informational content for the customers and make the process of getting food more convenient for them. But how does one use them?

Ice-Cream Parlors

For ice cream parlors, a digital menu board is of utmost importance. Wondering why? Well, have you ever wandered into an ice-cream parlor and got intimidated by the number of flavors there are? You keep staring at the flavors, and you’re a little unsure which is which. The decision-making process is where digital menu boards come into play.

These menu boards can easily highlight the various flavors available, plus they can also be useful to show deals that are only for certain times of the day! There is also other hardware available with NexSigns that can help in elevating a customer’s experience.

 The use of an LCD portrait kiosk can add an element of self-service for ice-cream parlors. The same tiring chore that employees have to tackle taking orders can now be eliminated with these self-service centers.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)

Quick-service restaurants (QSRs) use various digital signage to give the customer experience an edge while enticing them even more. For instance, digital menu boards are a must for a wide range of food businesses. NexSigns is one brand that is excelling with its digital hardware. These menus are on big screens with high resolutions. If companies like, they can choose to get animated videos or static images.

Not only is that, but there are Drive-thru menu boards as well. Some of the most profitable food business have digital signage displays installed in their drive-thus. These displays not only help customers in making their choice easy but it helps the management as well. These businesses can use the signage to display their promotional deals or enhance their branding.


The majority of the most profiting food businesses add various technological elements to making the ordering process smoother for their customers. Using digital signage can help you profit and keep an upper hand over your multiple competitors’ market. With a digital system, you can attract a massive chunk of previously unaware or uninterested customers! Eventually, the more customers you get, the quicker you can get maximize your profits.  

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