6 Proven Ways to Use Digital Signage in Hospitality Industry

Hotel digital signage with happy hour info

Hospitality and technology are among the most rapidly advancing industries around. Of course, every progressive hotel owner or manager is looking to create an extraordinary guest experience. Reason? When it comes to restaurants, hotels, and resorts, the guest experience is everything! Since the world’s technology is fast evolving, the appetite for exceptional guest experience is rising in tandem. This is where digital signage comes in for hospitality.

Hospitality digital signage can be used to upsell unique offers and services, augment guest experiences, and boost brand recognition. More hoteliers and hospitality business owners are turning to electronic displays since few things can engage, inform, and entertain like a well-crafted content on digital screens.

6 Effective Ways to Use Digital Signage in Hospitality Industry

Here are 6 ways you can incorporate hotel digital signage for an advanced, forward-thinking, and luxurious hotel.

1. Welcoming and Entertaining Your Guests

Guests arriving at your hotel may have just ended a long day of travel, maybe seeking to relax and have time with their families, or might be there on a business trip. Either way, you’ve got to make sure that their check-in experience is as welcoming as possible with hospitality digital signage. Here, you can opt to dazzle your guests with beautiful photography, videos, artwork, or graphically designed welcome notes.

Alternatively, you can opt to entertain them with content that will make them experience an overwhelming check-in. Also, you can use digital displays to lead them to the right place or assist them to arrange their stay at your premises.

2. Event Guide and Conference Directory

Whether you’re hosting a small conference with a few dozen guests or you’re expecting hundreds of attendees, setting up effective hotel displays to guide your guests through the event can be worthwhile. You can opt to use digital signage as room boards by setting a few of them on the outskirts of the event room. The system can be used to display the status of the room or even the schedules expected to take place later in the day.

Alternatively, you can use the system to present information such as:

      • Event Directory – Signage features a great place to display agenda, speakers, time, and locations where events will take place.

      • Directions – You can opt to use electronic screens to direct your guests around the premises by highlighting special points of interest.

      • Content from Event Sponsors – Make extra cash by promoting sponsor brands and companies within an event. Computerized signs can be an effective way to display their brand names, what they offer, as well as where to find them.

    Remember, electronic displays can be a great way to take your event and conference hosting up a notch. For instance, you can consider negotiating with big companies and brands to consider using your premise for their upcoming events.

    3. Upsell Your Menu

    Happy hour menu board at a hotel bar

    You can also use the signage to introduce your guest to an exclusive list of cuisines available at your restaurant. Digital menu boards are a remarkable way to assist a guest make food selections. Unlike traditional menus, updating and upgrading a menu board is quite straightforward. You’re sure to add, remove, or even highlight special dishes in just a few clicks. Electronic screens and the software system allow guests to get a clear picture of what they are ordering. Placing one outside your hotel can be a great way to attract more customers.

    4. Offer Virtual Concierge Services

    As hotel technology continues to advance, not all hotel guests are appreciating a personal touch. From remarkable recommendations to crucial traffic information, the extra assistance that virtual concierge services on hospitality digital signage offer to ensure that the needs of the guests are met. Similar to how concierge helps guests to adjust to their new location, the electronic signs in hotels can provide information about the hotel, introduce a guest to the area, name a few nearby amenities, or even assist them to register for activities or events.

    These days, people don’t necessarily want to get this information through face-to-face interaction with a concierge, and that’s alright. Digital screens can display useful information such as daily hotel events, local events, weather forecasts, or even additional amenities offered at the hotel. This can be a great place to display fine print about your hotel, rules for the gym, or even pool. Either way, your signage remains an effective concierge tool.

    5. Use Hospitality Digital Signage to Protect Your Guests

    While most people use hospitality digital signage to inform or entertain, there is another imperative way to use this technology – protection. Electronic signage in hotels can be used to give emergency alerts. In the event of an emergency such as dangerous weather conditions, natural disasters, or even fire, you can use the screens to guide guests on where to go or even what to do

    These systems can also be used to share critical information such as separated family members or missing kids. This is quite useful on large premises with multiple buildings, amenities, and pools.

    6. Real-time Travel Information

    Digital display at Royal Hotel on Rome Travel Guide

    The digital display system is an impeccable way to provide guests with engaging information such as real-time travel information. Investing in hospitality digital signage allows your guests to feel more connected by availing useful information to them. While traffic and travel delays are a disappointing experience, guests will appreciate getting these updates upfront. Therefore, your visitors will be able to view current travel updates from planes, buses, or even trains.

    Alternatively, you can also decide to display local, regional, and national headlines. Here, guests will get crucial weather information which in a way can interfere with their travel plans.

    Reasons Why Hotels Needs to Invest in Digital Signage

    While hospitality digital signage solutions have a wide array of uses in almost every industry, hospitality remains a strong foothold. The use of digital display systems in hotels and restaurants has proven helpful in several ways when it comes to improving the guest experience. There’s no better way to keep a guest in-the-loop, safe, entertained, and happy than interactive digital screens.

    Electronic displays provide a powerful tool to engage and offer an improved guest experience. Interestingly, hotel owners and managers are no longer restricted to using passive, static signs that people often ignored and overlooked. Signage systems feature interactive digital screens that connect with guests using animation, motion graphics, or even touch-screen technology to offer a personalized guest experience.

    Verdict on Digital Signage for Hospitality

    Digital Displays are a great way to transform your hospitality business into a first-rate premise. Hospitality digital signage offers a wide array of ways to make life easier for your guests. Whether you’re looking to welcome, entertain, serve, inform, direct, or even protect them, you can never go wrong with digitalized displays for your hotel.

    Interestingly, these systems are customizable to meet the needs of any resort, hotel, or restaurant. Whether you’re new to the hospitality business or you’re looking to improve the overall guest experience at your restaurant, digital displays are all you need.

    In all, hotel digital signage has revolutionized how hospitality businesses operate today in this industry. Learn more about hotel digital signage and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on marketing with digital signage!

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