Pizzeria Trends for 2018

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People love a good slice of pizza now and then. This assertion is backed up by data findings that show that, on average, about 41% of Americans eat pizza once a week. Meanwhile, 68% order pizza at least once a month.

In North America, pizzerias are a force to reckon with. In 2017, the numbers notched in the industry were as high as $134 billion globally. The United States is responsible for a huge chunk of the market at $45 million. Notably, while the market recorded a considerable increment in sales, the number of independent US pizzerias declines. This paints a picture of a pretty competitive pizza industry.

The pizzerias with the most success were able to levitate themselves to that level by having efficient strategies to position themselves ahead. We’ll be reviewing a couple of pizzeria trends we believe are likely to shape the future going forward.

Digital Menu Boards

Pizzerias are renowned for the wide range of options that their shops offer. Thus, one would naturally expect that such establishments should have comprehensive and well-thought-out menu boards. There are usually various pizza sizes, sides, and accompanying toppings for every pizza delivered. Because of the various excesses involved with each particular order, digital menu boards sound like the perfect idea for businesses to showcase their products.

The digital menu boards are essential since business owners want their customers to have the best of experiences when eating at their establishments. Customers need to feel right at home and free to pick whatever options are on offer. Digital menu boards eliminate possible scenarios where customers feel that services offered are not at par.

There’s a good reason why digital menu boards are all the rage. They are fantastic investments because of the various advantages on offer when one places or more of them in business. They provide great benefits to customers and business owners alike. Once customers feel comfortable with particular locations, they are more likely to grow into loyal supporters.

Customer Satisfaction

Pizzeria owners can attest that customer satisfaction lies at the heart of every grand plan they have ever conceived. Digital signage strategies facilitate power moves to happen on the table setting. When digital menu boards are right before customers, it helps add to a restaurant’s look and feel. This is because they tend or rapidly accentuate the overall look of any particular location by bringing in elements. For instance, brightness and vibrancy add luster to the overall customer experience.

Digital menu boards have become ubiquitous in pizza shops around the world because they provide results. They offer straightforward, picturesque solutions that fantastically blend in with the nature of pizza shops and their comprehensive offerings. To get the maximum possible returns from digital menu boards, it is always wise to upsell items on offer by illustrating menu options and adding flair whenever and wherever possible. Independent establishments that are unable to hire graphic designers and animators to come up with video concepts can always use customizable templates.

Square Pizza

Through the years, most of us have come to associate square pizzas with made-in-bulk pizzas. These types of pizzas are particularly prevalent in school cafeterias. However, with the changing times, there has been a new evolution in what is labeled acceptable in the pizzeria scene.

Detroit-Style Pizzas are particularly distinctive because of their square shape, which takes on a whole new approach to how pizzas are prepared. Unbelievably, the condiments are literally flipped on their heads. Toppings are first in line to grace the pizza, followed by cheese before sauce makes a list complete. Other than a difference in taste, square pizzas have a rather weird unconventional appearance that makes them stand out to the standard. At present, this fad has become such a big hit in major cities outside Detroit, like Austin and LA. If the trend continues over time, this particular style may become par with fan classics like New York and Chicago-themed pizzas at some point in time.

Fast Casual

The rate at which fast-casual restaurants are setting up shop is quite simply amazing. These fast-casual joints are famous for offering incredible offers like flat rate pizzas with the bonus of having all the desirable toppings one can squeeze in a meal.

Essentially, for one to get service at these establishments, all a customer has to do is line up like they would when queuing at Chipotle or Subway. They then proceed to choose their desired sauce, topping, cheese, and crust. After a couple of minutes, the customized pizza is then available to waiting customers.

Technology for the Win

It’s safe to say that the levels of technological advancements witnessed in the last couple of years are simply unprecedented. Dominos have become great ambassadors of how companies can leverage technology to get ahead in the market.

Notably, Domino’s stock prices have steadily been on the rise ever since 2012. Pizzerias can put technology to good use in advancing various other pizzeria trends. Hence raking in the profits of a company. The surge in Dominos has applied in terms of market share. Futhermore, in the manner that they have adopted and implemented both customer-facing technology and employee-utilized technology.

As their CEO, Patrick Doyle, has been proud to share, the more people integrate technological devices in their day-to-day lives, the more likely Dominos as an establishment is to reap the benefits and keep on growing.

About 60% of all Dominoes sales are attributed to the success of their digital strategy. Their approach has seen them ranked as one of the Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2017. Thanks to their fantastically crafted zero-click ordering app. Remarkably, the app facilitates individuals to order pizza online using pizza emojis on Twitter or via Facebook Messenger chats.


Delivery is an integral element that has contributed to the success of pizzeria outlets. Given the fact that the online food delivery market is a $10 billion market, pizza impressively accounts for 60% of all deliveries. Pizzerias looking to position themselves as industry leaders are more than likely to keep looking at ways to incorporate technology in how they run their affairs.

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  1. I like that you explain how pizza shops have started using digital menu boards so that they can allow people to easily see what’s available while adding flair, such as showing videos for customizable templates. This could help customers know what you have to offer and could even help you show off your specials, popular meals, or even new items you’ve added to your menu. When choosing a restaurant to visit, it could help to research the different options and find one that has the features that you like, such as digital boards or the right music, as well as the food you enjoy so that you can be comfortable while you eat.

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