Looking Back on Vision Expo West 2017

Kuusoft team celebrates winning the best booth award at Vision Expo West 2017

We here at Kuusoft are looking forward to attending our second Vision Expo after the amazing time we had at Vision Expo West 2017. As we put together all our trade show equipment and play real life Tetris while packing, we’ve been reflecting on last year’s convention in Las Vegas where we won Best Use of Technology in a Booth.

So, before we talk about what new and exciting things we’re bringing to New York March 16-18, we’d like to share our thoughts of last year with you as part of a three part series on Vision Expo. We’re starting off this week by discussing our award-winning past experience and will cover what you can look forward to seeing if you visit us in New York in next week’s blog.

Vision Expo West 2017 in sunny Las Vegas was an exciting adventure for us. It was one of our first trade shows in the United States and that brought many new opportunities and challenges.

Vision Expo is a massive event representing the science and fashion sides of the optical industry with over 700 exhibitors and over 15,000 ophthalmic professionals and other decision-makers from across the world. Needless to say, the opportunity for our growing, Canadian tech company was huge.

But, like the old saying goes, “no risk, no reward.” Key members of our team travelling to another country with hundreds of pounds of electronics being shipped on a wooden pallet to try out this convention was… risky, to say the least.

You must be wondering how it panned out. Well, the short version is that it was so good we’re making our second Vision Expo trip in a few weeks! As for the long version, we got to meet and talk with thousands of interested attendees, got all our equipment there and back in one piece, and won the Best Use of Technology in a Booth award! Our team members had great interactions and thanks to the adaptability of Nexsigns we were also able to adapt on the fly.

There was a great amount of interest in the video wall that we brought down, especially among the organizers. Like all conventions, attendees started to falter during the last day, so we used what was already drawing interest and boosted it by configuring a custom solution to stream the weigh-in and press conference for the Golovkin, Alvarez fight. Our booth immediately was filled with interested attendees, so much so that when the organizers came by to take the photo of our booth for the Best Technology in a Booth award they had to wait for almost 20 minutes for a break in the line.

Our great experience with this convention didn’t end with our flight out of Las Vegas though! We were invited by the great social media team at Vision Expo to talk about our experience as an exhibitor and about how we won our technology award on their Facebook page via a live broadcast. You can see the full video and how we made it here!

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