LG Introduces Dual-View OLED Commercial Display

OLED display with a vibrant picture of a rose with morning dew on it

Just last month, on June 8, LG Electronics USA announced the release of its brand-new Dual-View Flat OLED Display, which will be available in July 2016. This commercial display unit, which includes a customizable, curved display, offers perfect black and outstanding color on a paper-thin display.

OLED Displays

This display follows the massive success of the OLED TV, which is known for its depth of color, intensity of contrast and wide viewing angles that surpass current LCD and LED technologies. This technology, in a commercial display unit, allows for digital signage that grabs the attention and doesn’t let go.

The secret to the incredible depth of black is that OLED allows individual pixels to be turned on and off as needed, which not only gives perfect black but also provides an infinite contrast ratio that enriches and enlivens colors like no other display to date.

The commercial display units come with a few added benefits that give users in the retail industry unbelievable display capability. Specifically, the 55-inch Dual-View OLED Display and the 65-inch Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED Display consist of ultra-thin (less than 1 cm, or 0.4”) panels that can display content on both sides of the screen, opening up a world of display potential. The curved tiling display is, as the name suggests, made up of curved, interlocking panels that can be customized to the user’s needs.

These displays leave the others far behind. Thanks to its 8-million-plus pixels and 4K Ultra HD resolution, the larger-than-life display is endlessly engaging to the viewer, drawing attention to itself and holding it. Because of its dual-sided display, customizable layout and super-thin body — and with it, the ability to fit just about any retail space — it gives the retailer endless opportunities to showcase their products and services.

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