Kuusoft Corp. Partners Crock A Doodle To Invoke Creativity with NexSigns

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Kuusoft Corp. Partners Crock A Doodle To Invoke Creativity with NexSigns

Leading digital menu board and digital signage solutions provider, Kuusoft Corp., works with Crock A Doodle, as the arts and crafts business deploys its NexSigns to reach more customers

Burnaby, BC (November 2, 2022): Kuusoft Corp. has achieved another tremendous feat as Crock A Doodle recently contracted the company to deploy its NexSigns digital signage solution across its locations. The move is in line with Crock A Doodle’s goal to reach as many people as possible with the signage solution to be used in 15 locations across Canada.

Businesses across the globe, irrespective of industry or size, continue to struggle to reach their target audience, especially with competition increasing significantly as more service providers emerge. However, many of the available marketing solutions are not particularly versatile and effective enough to meet the businesses’ diverse needs. Consequently, the Kuusoft Corp. team created the revolutionary NexSigns digital signage as a solution for all business sectors worldwide.

Crock A Doodle aims to harness the immense features and benefits of NexSigns to reach a wider audience and to take its arts and creative campaign to another level. The arts and crafts business will be using the digital signage solution to create an immersive experience for all categories of clients, showcasing videos and captivating images to their customers when they walk in and see the screen in the lobby.

One of Crock A Doodle’s major challenges was that they could not quickly update changes across all their locations. They had to ship or e-mail print files and cope with the unreliability of the process while also struggling to showcase videos.

Annette Brennan, President and Chief Idea Officer of Crock A Doodle, made the decision to select NexSigns, which is not surprising considering the solution’s impact on people, as the company aims to invoke inspiration in their clients when they use the services.

Crock A Doodle leverages NexSigns to control and distribute multimedia content using the playlist system and the display mirroring feature to achieve cross-location broadcast communication effortlessly. The solution also fits the company’s budget, with functionalities exceeding all expectations, ultimately boosting customer engagement and maximizing ROI.

For further information about NexSigns and other solutions from Kuusoft Corp., visit – https://www.kuusoft.com/. Kuusoft Corp. can also be found across all major social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

About Kuusoft Corp.: Founded in 2002, Kuusoft Corp. is a digital menu board and digital signage solutions provider based in Burnaby, BC. Kuusoft develops cutting-edge digital signage software and hardware. Our mission is to make solutions for all business sectors worldwide.


For more information, contact Jenny Lin at marketing@kuusoft.com or +1 866-546-8838.

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