9 Reasons for Hospital Digital Signage – Patient Satisfaction

children's hospital check-in with digital signage for healthcare

A hospital, a clinic, or any other healthcare facility is often believed to be unpleasant to visit. It is because of various reasons, including the environment and infrastructure of the healthcare facility. Hence, the repulsive and potentially hostile infrastructure of the facility repels the patients. They would not even want to attend their appointment, let alone be it for some other reasons. Therefore, if you also own a medical facility or even work for one, patient satisfaction would probably be your topmost priority. Dealing with this unpleasant environment of the facility for the patients would be your top target. In that case, Digital Signage is what you should consider necessarily.

What is Hospital Digital Signage Solutions?

“Digital Signage is the use of Digital Screens, LCDs, etc. To improve costumers’ experiences.”

Mainly in the case of medical or healthcare facilities, electronic signage holds very prime importance. Above all, it improves patient satisfaction and attracts more patients to acquire more services from your facility. Those dealing in healthcare businesses need to consider electronic display solutions to let your patients feel quite relaxed and comfortable at your facility, leading to better customer regularity.

Improving Patient Satisfaction With Hospital Digital Signage Solutions

Hospital digital signage does help to improve patient experience through various routes. There are several ways of using it for your marketing benefits. Following are some of such useful methods. Do follow them to have excellent customer feedback, which will lead to your business’s growth and progress.

1. Welcome Patients in a Warm Manner

When a patient enters a healthcare facility, his anxiety and uneasiness start appearing. Thus, this is the very point where you need to consider customer experience. Making their entrance and welcome a friendly and warm experience will improve patient feedback.

Hospital electronic signage will help you the most in this task. Use Building Directory System at the entrance. Display your facility’s name, website, and achievements to gain your customer’s trust. Further, displaying satisfying and pleasing messages can soothe down their uneasy feelings.

2. Develop Better Check-In Experiences

Check-In Experiences with the staff at the entrance counter may cause uneasiness for the customers. All-day long interaction with patients may irk the team that might lead to unpleasant events among the staff and the patients. However, you can avoid such situations by using electronic display check-in kiosks. These kiosks are responsible for saving customer check-in information and assigning them to their required doctors and services.

Hospital digital signage at the check-in counter will also improve customer experience by increasing patient satisfaction due to a soothing and pleasing view. In turn, it enhances the customer experience.

3. Let patients Find Their Way Efficiently

Generally, medical centers have large and confusing infrastructures. After check-ins, when patients have to find their way to the destined doctor or testing equipment, they might find it a bit confusing and irritating. To improve your patient’s wayfinding, install digital screens around the facility to guide different doctors and testing rooms.

4. Improve Customer Waiting Experience

After arriving at the respective doctor’s office, patients need to wait for much more extended periods. This can sometimes become irritating and nerve-racking for the patients, especially children. But if this waiting period is aided properly, patients won’t only happily and quickly pass the time but also get informed about your latest services.

Using digital displays is an effective way to use a patient’s waiting time for their pleasure and your marketing benefits. Hence, use digital signage in waiting rooms. Install the Optical Content Library, Video Playback, Image Slideshow, or LiveTV to increase interaction with the patients. Additionally, it is also evident that people get irritated when they do not know the exact waiting time. On the contrary, you can project the waiting time for the next patient in the digital signage equipment. This will keep the patient engaged and will improve customer satisfaction in the longer run.


5. Eradicates Fears and Uneasiness

Boring, dull, and dry environment makes the patients uneasy and elate their fears. People often avoid visiting the hospitals unless it’s highly urgent because they want to avoid the tense environment. Being in a strained setting increases stress. These fears and uneasiness reckon your customer feedback. To eradicate these fears, you can take the help of digital displays. They will help divert their attention from the tense environment to the digital signage equipment’s attractive messages.

Hospital digital signage provides an attractive and pleasant outlook to your healthcare facility. Consequently, people will feel comfortable and less anxious in such environments and will be more satisfied with your services.

6. Inform Patients About Other Facilities

Consider that a patient visits your medical institution to consult a general physician. But he is also suffering from heart diseases. Don’t you think turning him over without informing him about the cardiologist providing his services at your organization would be a little stupidity? Of course, it would be. It would help if you tried to keep each patient informed about all your services. This will increase both patient satisfaction and your number of customers.

This target can be achieved by using electronic signage. You can use digital signs to tell people about your services in waiting rooms, exam rooms, entrances, check-in counters, and anywhere else where you can put on electronic signs.

7. Upgrade Exam Room Experiences

Patients usually have to wait for their doctors in the exam rooms. This waiting can be a little longer. Also, you have an opportunity to turn this waiting time into your marketing time. You can use electronic signage to improve the patient experience by informing them about various health facts. These health facts will help patients follow a healthy lifestyle and pass their waiting time effectively.

Illustrating the doctor’s information will help the patients to develop trust for the doctor and your medical care center. You can also air various videos advertising your services. All these electronic screens’ methodological uses will help you improve patient satisfaction and experience in the exam rooms.

8. Help the Staff With Various Tasks

Electronic signage is also helpful for the staff to interact and perform well. Eventually, it turns into a positive customer experience.

Digital Signage will help the staff in various tasks, such as, there will be easier and efficient announcements. The workers can educate themselves about the upcoming appointments, meetings, and other schedules.

9. Engage Children to Decrease Anxiety

Among all the age groups of the patients, children are the most prone to anxieties and fears. These fears can become troublesome for the doctors as well. Deploying electronic displays around the health center will have a positive impact on the children. Especially the children’s hospitals and the pediatric wings can make use of these exhibitions to engage children. They can use colorful and attractive videos to improve child patient satisfaction.

Some Helpful Tips on Hospital Digital Signage Solutions

It would have been quite apparent to you that hospital digital signage does improve patient satisfaction. But also keep in mind that it should be used decently and effectively. Additionally, the following are some additional useful tips for you to follow:

  • Do not use digital signs too much. Be reflective about it. You can use Date Range filters for a better experience.
  • The messages displayed should be simple and easy to understand.
  • The messages should be according to the type of area they are displayed at, i.e., Display Persona Systems or Dayparting techniques.

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