How to Maximize Dwell Time with Hotel Lobby Waiting Digital Signage

As a hotel owner, there are many ways to advertise and promote the accommodations you have available. Using digital signage is one way to help maximize hotel dwell time while also solidifying your hotel’s brand as professional and authoritative.

What is Hotel Dwell Time?

Hotel dwell time is the length of time an individual is willing to spend looking at an object, such as an advertisement or a digital sign. This time typically lasts anywhere from 1.7 to more than 27 seconds for advertisements, with an average time of 4.6 seconds in total. This time spent can ultimately mean the difference between appealing to a new prospective guest and turning potentially paying customers away.

The more time someone spends looking at an advertisement or sign, the easier it is to generate leads and sales.

How to Maximize Dwell Time With Hotel Lobby Waiting Digital Signage

Maximizing hotel dwell time with your digital screens highly depends on the type of customers and guests you are trying to target as well as the type of promotional event or advertising strategy you intend to deploy. When you are intent on maximizing the amount of time your guests spend reading or looking at your signage, there are a few factors and tips to keep in mind.

Digital Signage Goals

It is first important to set and define goals that are most essential for your establishment. To maximize the time spent looking at the displays in your hotel, you will need to know more about your customers. Defining electronic display goals will also help to keep you on track with reaching the milestones you set.

Setting goals for your electronic signs can also help you hone in on the messaging, visuals, and overall copy used. The content can convey what it is you intend to say to your visitors and paying guests. Consider your goals regarding your signage and how each screen will help convey your intended message.

Ask yourself the following questions when you are in the process of developing signage for your hotel or creating your next digital campaign for the establishment you own or manage itself:

  • What is the overall purpose and goal of the displays I am creating and using in my hotel?
  • Do I want to encourage patrons to rent a room? Or extend their stay with the signage I intend to use?
  • Am I promoting a specific deal or offer? Or am I looking to appeal to those who may be interested in joining our loyalty club?
  • How long do passersby need to look at the screens I intend to use in order to read and consume all of the content I am sharing?
  • How do I intend to track and monitor the data I receive from the signage campaigns I launch for my establishment?

Define Measureables

Defining measurables is also essential when developing signage for a hotel, even with digital solutions. What measurables are most important to you? This should be based on the type of consumers you are targeting. Moreover, the overall demographics of the audience you intend to reach with your establishments. And the promotions or advertisements you are currently hosting.

Some of the most common measurables to consider when developing display and marketing campaigns for a hotel include:

  • The overall cost of acquiring and appealing to a new customer who completes the reservation process
  • How many individuals does the screen content appeal to?
  • What amount of sales are you able to generate using your signage and digital promotions themselves? How long will you use each sign?
  • Is your electronic sign useful year-round, or is it seasonal or event-specific?

Signage Placement

Choosing screen placement is one of the most important decisions you will make when creating a digital marketing campaign for your hotel’s signs. Without proper placement, maximizing visibility for your campaigns becomes increasingly difficult. Trying different locations for your signage placement is advisable to determine which areas are best. Comparing different locations to determine which are likely to garner attention for the longest amount of time.

Consider the areas of your establishment lobby and hallways throughout your hotel that receive the most foot traffic and guest check-in areas. Where are your guests most likely to linger or spend more time? How will you measure the success and effectiveness of each sign you use to promote a message? How will you measure the success of a deal you are currently hosting throughout your lodge for your guests?

Colors and Visual Appeal

Selecting the right colours and visual elements for the displays throughout your hotel is key to a successful campaign. If your hotel uses branded colours, logos, and visual elements or icons, be sure to use them throughout your signage campaign to ensure your branding is on point. Choosing the proper visual elements for your signage can make or break a campaign’s performance.


Are all of your signs easy to read and comprehend? How straightforward are your text and the overall message you are trying to convey? Is it possible to read your sign from five, ten, and twenty feet away? Readability matters and goes a long way when it comes to campaigns that are focused on specific signs.

Signage Content

What type of content has been used in each of the individual signs you have in your hotel’s latest campaign? Are you promoting specific products and services, or using text to convey a message that highlights promotional deals and specials you are currently running?

Your signage’s content can make a major difference in the number of people you can appeal to. This is why brainstorming the content you intend to market is essential for the best outcome possible. When choosing the type of content, you intend to share within your hotel’s signage, be sure to consider your goals. What’s more, the measurables you intend to use, as well as the target audience or demographics you intend to reach with your next campaign.

Overall Messaging

What is the overall message you intend to convey and share with current paying customers and prospective guests? Are you promoting your hotel’s brand and aesthetic, or special offers, discounts, and promotional events? To determine the best possible format for your displays, be sure to collect and monitor incoming data and analytics. Using data and analytics can help to gain valuable insights into your establishment’s clientele.

The messaging and communication method you choose for your hotel may mean the difference between falling short of expectations and success. Knowing how to reach your target audience effectively is key when managing the marketing of a hospitality establishment.

Maximizing hotel dwell time with the signage you use is a way to encourage reservations and brand loyalty. The more in-tune you are with your visitors and guests, the easier it is to appeal to those who have a genuine interest in staying in your lodge. With the right signage and digital marketing strategy, maximize your reach and ability to increase sales and success with your next campaign.

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