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Donor Boards: a Perfect Way to Say “Thank You”

How do you show appreciation for your donors, encourage them to donate again, and attract other potential givers? Digital signage for donor recognition is a perfect way to help spread the word. With these options, you can express your thanks and encourage others to join in your charitable efforts. Digital signage usage is a winning situation all around.

Traditionally, organizations have sent their donors receipts for tax purposes and letters thanking donors for their contributions. Moreover, walls with brass plaques honoring donors have become a fixture in many locations. Nowadays, a digital donor board expands the range of ways that you can celebrate your donors. One of the top advantages is that the information about donors is always fresh.

Digital donor walls allow you to quickly and attractively provide information that anyone can see. One of the best things is that your donor wall won’t have empty spaces, which is always good. You have the latitude to offer additional information about your choice. In summary, digital solutions allow you the freedom to present the information in a way that works best.

1. Offering Recognition

People have access to an impressive amount of information at their fingertips with digital, interactive touchscreens. When used on donor walls, this information can not only contain donor amounts but biographies of the benefactors and organizational mission statements as well. Learning more about some of the benefactors might entice some people to donate. A donor wall provides a perfect platform for contributors to describe what giving to the organization means to them.

When the donors include local businesses, for example, making this information available helps show that the cause matters to the local community. Examples of organizations that benefit from local business support include health charities, animal rescue groups, and social service organizations. A connection with members of the local community is a good enticement for giving. The more the public sees an organization helping the community, the more enthusiastically they are likely to support the charity.

The ability to add photo and video content helps provide even more information to appeal to prospective givers. QR codes and website links make it easier for everyone to access additional information. Instead of giving quick facts unlikely to attract much attention, you can highlight how contributors’ donations have helped and help tell stories through the digital donor board. A well-designed story helps make the cause being promoted more realistic to would-be donors.

Having all the information at hand for your digital signage for donor recognition in advance makes a difference. After all, you don’t want to be held up waiting for someone to respond to you. Another thing you might want to keep in mind is where users will search by donor name, amount, or category. You can quickly adapt the search features to meet these needs when this information is known ahead of time.

2. Outreach for Better Fundraising Performance

Remember that an attractive presentation will encourage more donors to give. Additional, helpful information for donor walls includes facts about annual giving campaigns, the fundraising goals you are trying to reach, and information about how your audience can donate. After all, people are encouraged to give to various causes every day, but more details about how the funds received will be used might be what ultimately convinces someone to make a donation.

A mention on a digital donor board might encourage some contributors to give again. Regardless of the reasons for giving, many donors appreciate public acknowledgment. Public acknowledgment of a gift helps demonstrate your donors’ passion for the cause that the charity or organization supports.

One thing that is a powerful motivator for charitable giving is when someone who is well-known in the community supports an organization. Seeing the famous person’s name or photo on a donor board is always useful for drawing attention to the cause the organization supports. Moreover, knowledge of a local or more widely-known celebrity backing an organization has strong viral appeal.

Another advantage is that your highlighting previous donors might encourage prospective donors to take that step and give. Skepticism about how far charitable donations go causes many would-be contributors to hesitate. Also, learning more about other donors and what motivated their giving might encourage others to take that vital step.

3. Helpful Tips for Promotion

Most digital signage for donor recognition has been custom-designed for each facility’s needs. Because your staff can efficiently perform the updates, you don’t need to think about involving outside designers. As long as you keep all your donor data in a format that your system can read quickly, updates are easy to perform.

Digital signage for donor recognition does not absolutely require a touchscreen. You might opt for a two-zone layout that includes donor information on one side and photos and videos on the other. This type of information is also easy to feed to a website, allowing visitors to stay updated on donor information.

An advantage of transmitting data through digital signage is that different facilities can share information easily. You can make the design and feel as unified as possible throughout all your organization’s locations. After all, the days of having to create a different donor wall in each place are behind you.

One of the advantages of a carefully-crafted donor board deployment is a directory that shows who has donated, their amounts, what their contribution paid for, and how others can get involved. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to encourage giving and thank those who have contributed to using modern, dynamic technology. The most significant advantage of all is that the information you need is in an accessible format.

The generosity of donors and patrons allows non-profit organizations to thrive. These organizations can only continue to operate with regular giving. Gratitude ceremonies, newsletters, and thank-you cards sent via mail are the most common ways that organizations have expressed thanks. Therefore, digital boards allow you to thank your benefactors all year long.

Next Steps

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