How To Use Digital Signage To Build Brand Identity

Digital Signage TV showing a branding design for eyeglass frames in an optometry or optical retail location

Digital signage is gaining popularity among companies which are increasingly relying on this valuable tool as part of their brand building efforts. It offers tremendous business opportunities for retailers in creating a recognizable brand in the market, increasing sales and boosting their customer engagement. Digital signage is a powerful medium to communicate brand messages effectively in a seamless and convenient manner.

Here we take a look at how digital signage can be used effectively for boosting brand awareness for retailers and can assist in improving its overall performance.

Why brand identity matters

According to 2017 statistics, 64% of the customers have cited shared values as the core reason for having trusted relationships with a known brand. This indicates the growing importance of branding in conveying the values of a business to customers. Branding provides retailers to distinguish themselves from their competitors, which is key to the success of every company.

Building long lasting and creating memorable customer experiences

A brand is not just a logo or design element, but it represents the core values, philosophy and depicts the personality of a company. Brand message can be conveyed strongly to customers by using cleverly designed digital signage with well-crafted content for retail stores. The key ingredient for the success of every business is to attract and engage the right target audience, which is what digital signage helps to achieve with less effort.

Create greater publicity and interest in your brand

Digital signage may be useful for promotion of new products in the market through demo videos for public displays with the aim of educating and garnering the attention of the right target audience. It helps build direct brand engagement with customers. Digital signage used with the right visual representation through display via videos and high-quality audios can have a huge impact on boosting in-store branding efforts with increased sales.

Develop brand consistency and uniformity

Digital signage can have a positive impact of brand image with the use of common font, color, style and logo to make retail stores more recognizable across multiple locations. The use of similar content also helps to achieve greater uniformity which improves consistency in the brand’s appearance. Dissemination of information becomes easier which helps to achieve better results for every business and helps in reducing the overall costs as well.

Helps to guide and influence customers’ purchase decisions

In a retail environment, digital signage can be used to create a lasting brand impression at the point of purchase for customers. It can also have a huge impact on the perceptions of the buyers about products and motivate them to try new ones. However, the focus should be maintained on having a striking visual display, while keeping them engaged with your content to achieve the best results.

Considerations for using digital signage as a part of retail branding strategy

Statistics suggest that 8 out of 10 customers are enticed to enter a retail store because of eye catching and impressing digital signage that captivates their attention. These statistics suggest how digital signage can have a positive impact on your customer engagement efforts.

Before even deciding on whether to choose digital signage for a retail store, it is important to consider the goals of using this powerful medium. Is boosting brand perception and improve store sales a priority? What about saving time and cost in managing and creating in-store campaigns?

Based on business goals, digital signage can be more rewarding and help in an array of areas:

Digital signage can be effective method of display advertising

Digital signage can be used to showcase brands and show how it can be useful to their customers in different ways. Slideshows, customer reviews, celebrity endorsements and social media walls may be used to capture the attention of the customers and build a strong and recognizable brand.

Share tailored and targeted content with customers

With digital signage, different types of content are available to display that allows retailers to share a strong and powerful message of their brand. Customers are also much more likely to respond to digital displays which are fun, interactive and offers a greater opportunity to engage with the brand.

In a nutshell

Digital signage can assist retailers in improving customer satisfaction, boost their branding efforts and creating trust and loyalty among their customers with effective engagement. They can be an excellent way of building the brand equity and can give a significant push to bottom line in the long run.

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