Why Digital Lobby Signage for Modern Office is Important and How to Launch it

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Receptions and Lobbies: Worth Investing in!

Receptions and lobbies are among the first important things that employees, clients, and visitors see when entering the office. The first impression has a tremendous impact inclosing a deal with the client and motivating employees to work extra hard. To maximize the benefits associated with receptions, you should invest in digital lobby signage to meet the office goals.

Upgrading to a Digital Lobby Signage for Modern Office to Attain a Seamless Visitor Experience

From the minute a visitor enters your office, it’s your duty to ensure that you make an excellent first impression. You have to make your visitors feel comfortable, show them the directions, and tell them about what the company offers. However, you can attain all this using digital displays —and the significant part is, you can install it easily and quickly.

Traditional lobby signs use much money and time when changing directories, branding, and other vital data. Thus, failure to keep your office upgraded can cost you a lot, and you could end up losing your business. By implementing digital signage solutions, you can ensure that your branding is eye-catching and updated while saving money.

Equipping your office with electronic display software ensures that your office runs with monitors and TV screens. This allows you to share your business information that matches your goals. The best part of this technology is that it has a cloud-based solution that enables you to update business information without physical presence.

Office Lobby Digital Signage
Social Info on the Office Lobby Signage

How Does Modern Office Lobby Digital Signage Assist Your Business?

Digital screens play a significant role in improving the experience of both the staff and visitors. Before implementing this technology, know the goals you want to achieve with electronic office digital displays. Also, you must pick information like directories, wayfinding, and calendars. Below are a few benefits associated with digital lobby signage.

Helps Keep Information Updated, Saving on Time

You can update the information on electronic screens at any time at any location using an online dashboard. Hence, you do not have to visit a printer or be on-site to update the information.
Furthermore, equipping your system with unique features enables you to customize your information to update specific dates automatically. And since this feature is cloud-based signage software, you can manage the information remotely from any location at any time.

Keep Guests Engaged and Interested

The worst part of traditional lobby signs is that they are motionless, forcing the guest to move on once they stare at it. Nevertheless, office hallway signage is adaptable, interactive, and dynamic. With a single screen, the visitors can attain a wide variety of information, from directories and news feeds to web pages.

Modernize Your Lobby

Offices with a good reputation of being tech-savvy and modern are alleged to be effective and efficient. Thus, equipping your office with digital lobby signs offers your business an elegant and modern look that is also practical.

Improve the Visitors Experience

Digital office hallway displays also provide a seamless and fantastic experience for your guests and visitors. Furthermore, the signs provide vital information that visitors asked for and additional data they did not inquire for.

Create Business Awareness

Hallway displays can assist your employees and business gain exposure by sharing corporate news and online reviews. Using a clear call to action and a unique content can be easy to acquire people’s attention.

Digital Lobby Signage for Modern Office
Welcoming Lobby Message

How to Launch a Modern Office Lobby Digital Signage Project?

Launching an office electronic signage system is an effortless and easy task. You do not have to make a considerable investment or have a lot of technical knowledge to launch the system if you have the right display solution. Below are the three main parts you need when building an electronic lobby display system.

Digital Signage Player

This small gadget help develop smooth transitions between displays and signage content. It is good to note that this system may come preloaded with the software depending on the type of system you choose.

Lobby TV Displays

A TV screen is the first device you need to display content in your office hall. You can opt to buy cost-efficient TV screens that suit your budget and taste. But it is good to remember to focus on quality even if you are purchasing many screens.

Digital Signage Display Software

Purchasing the ideal display software will enable you to maximize all the profits you can gain from equipping your office with a digital signage system. When buying a display software, pick one with apps for automated news, custom graphics, social media feeds, and reviews. Ensure that you pick an entranceway display software that is secure, powerful, and easy to use.

Vital Things to Consider When Launching Modern Office Digital Lobby Signage

When launching an office lobby digital signage system, there are vital components you must consider. The most important things you must consider are your TV screen’s cost and your digitalized content plan.

Managing the Cost of Hardware, Software, and Lobby TV display

In most offices, you will find video wall installations, which vary depending on the size and quality. Most offices have lobby displays that cover the whole wall with many HDTVs. Although this lobby sign installation offers a perfect look, they tend to cost lots of money.. Installing such large installations can be unnecessary, and the best way owners can maximize profit is by using cheap options.

When coming up with a budget for your signage system, make sure you plan for the things you need only. For instance, you do not require your electronic signage player to extract information to eight screens simultaneously. Thus, this player will have more processing power that you require. If you do not require this amount of processing power, you should not purchase it.

Your Plan for Digital Lobby Signage Content

To get the maximum benefit out of your digitalized hallway sign, you must refresh the content regularly. Remember, displaying the company logo will not benefit you that much, as you can still do it with a printed sign. When you plan to launch a digital lobby sign, plan with your team, and develop a content plan.

The content plan can contain necessary information such as future events and branding material. It is good to note, creating a content plan in advance enables your team to stick and follow the established plan.


It is critical to know that a lobby is a unique place that serves both the employees and the company’s client. The use of a digital lobby sign is a generous gesture that helps welcome your guests and keep them comfortable.

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