Corporate Responsibilities in the Time of Coronavirus

Corporate Responsibilities in the time of Coronavirus
Corporate Love & Responsibilities regarding coronavirus
The COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak brings challenges to all businesses. Here’s how corporates can execute actions to demonstrate social responsibilities.

How the pandemic COVID-19/Coronavirus impacts business and what corporates can do to protect people and communities.

NOTE: Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been carefully monitoring the progression of the coronavirus. Our contingency plan ensures us to continue serving our clients. Read on to learn more about Kuusoft’s strategies and what you can do for your business.

Coronavirus and Its Global Impact


Coronavirus is a novel virus that causes breathing illness COVID-19. Started out less than two months ago, coronavirus outbreaks have been taking place all over the world. According to Johns Hopkins University data map, as of March 17, there are more than 190,000 confirmed cases.

(Why fighting the spread of coronavirus depends on you.)

We have been witnessing the global impact of COVID-19 on various industries and sectors. McKinsey looks closely at the trend of coronavirus and analyzes its business implications. In this article, McKinsey predicts that COVID-19 will lead to a global recession.

Many industries, as mentioned below, are striving to make a difference through corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Let’s take a closer look.

Supply Chains & Logistics

The extensive crisis of supply chains has shown through global dependence on quarantined regions. This includes China, South Korea, and Italy. As a result, Harvard Business Review illustrated the need for a more resilient supply-chain/sourcing industry.

Besides reviewing the supply chain’s design, logistic corporates should prepare for coronavirus with the welfare of employees. Human resources are an important part of the industry, and it’s a corporate responsibility to care for the community.


U.S. tech companies, from Amazon to Google, have strongly encouraged staff to work from home. In addition, many companies have banned work trips and work-related travel.

Although many companies recommend people to work from home, most companies are not ready for remote work.

We at Kuusoft have been preparing for a totally remote office over the years. The deployment of work-from-home practices has been smooth, which we will discuss more later in this article.

Tradeshow & Community Events

Most of the tradeshows and community events have either canceled or postponed their main activities to this fall at the earliest. Besides the travel ban from the US and Canada, many regions around the globe are restricting public gatherings.

Canceling events, gatherings, and tradeshows can be a difficult decision, however, it’s a safe practice. It demonstrates an organization committed to putting people first and keeping our community a safe environment.

For examples, here are a few major events that are canceled, postponed, or turned online:

Adobe Summit and Magento Imagine, Las Vegas, March 29-April 2 (now an online event)

Digital Signage Expo, Las Vegas, April 1-2

Google I/O, Mountain View, May 12-14

E3 Expo, Los Angeles, June 9-11

Healthcare and Pharmacy

Considering the supply shortage and increasing demand for patient care, healthcare systems and institutions encounter difficulties preparing for coronavirus. Therefore, several governments and organizations are trying their best to allocate health and patient care resources.

Meanwhile, the pharma industry focuses on finding solutions to COVID-19. With public investment, many big pharma and biotech companies prepare to see growth in profit. Whether it’s potential therapies or vaccines, pharma companies strive to serve human beings.

How Business and Corporates Can Respond to COVID-19

How to act as a socially responsible organization? In response to COVID-19, here are some of the best practices.  

1. Protect Your Employees

Business sustainability, and company responsibility, is about preserving human resources.

For instance, a single confirmed case in the office will result in a complete shutdown for 14 days. Due to the shutdown, a company’s performance loss is already catastrophic to its survival.

2. Set Up Emergency Plan and/or Contingency Plan

Kuusoft has a contingency plan of FOUR threat levels in place, as well as a thorough Work from Home Policy. Therefore, we are confident about our capability to serve our clients.

Here are the details:

Level 1 – All Kuusoft Staff

Travel Outside of Country (Kuusoft staff & Family member)
Staff who traveled outside of the country are prohibited to visit the office for 14 days. Should a visit to the office be required, explicit permission is required from the direct supervisor. Even with approval to visit the office, no extended stay will be permitted.

If you are having coughing, fever, or flu-like symptom
Staff who are experiencing a flu-like symptom are strongly encouraged to work from home and seek doctor’s help immediately.  You can see a doctor through video conference by downloading Babylon by Telus Health​ app on your mobile phone. 

Level 2 – Kuusoft Staff Taking Public Transport

All lower level policies are enforced plus…

Commute to work via Public Transit
​Staff who ​commute to work via public transit will be required to work from home full time. Even with approval to visit the office, no extended stay will be permitted.

Level 3 – All Kuusoft Staff

All lower level policies are enforced plus…

Staff with no Physical Office Resource Requirement
Employees whose work does not depend on physical resources in the office are required to work from home full time. 

Staff who may need Physical Office Resources (Creative Design & Tech Support Department)
Employees whose work may occasionally require the physical resources located in the office shall work from home most of the time. As needed, departments will provide a schedule for coming to the office.

If you are in the office and need to conduct a meeting…
All meetings must be done via MS Teams or Phone Calls. And no meeting should be conducted in the meeting room to avoid potential risks.

Level 4 – All Kuusoft Staff

All lower level policies are enforced plus…​

​Staff who may need Physical Office Resources (Creative Design & Tech Support Department)
A schedule will be created to ensure each staff is mutually excluded in a different zone of the office. The detailed plan, working zone, and walking path will be provided.

So, how do we decide when to raise the threat level within the company?

No, we don’t. However, Kuusoft Artificial Intelligence Machine (K-AIM) does. Our AI machine learning algorithm predicts the COVID-19 trend with three confidence levels. And it calls when Kuusoft will raise the threat level. 

Kuusoft-AIM uses data from outbreak countries that are ahead of Canada in this pandemic to predict the movement of potential Canadian outbreaks regarding COVID-19.
(Kuusoft COVID-19 Canada Forecast Prediction by Kuusoft-AIM)

3. Monitor Closely & Make It Transparent

Besides the usage of K-AIM, NexSigns Digital Display can pull real-time data for communication.

At the same time, we at Kuusoft will receive an email update on coronavirus and our threat level:

“As part of Kuusoft’s commitment to ensuring everyone’s health, here’s a quick update on the currents of COVID-19.”

Regular company updates from CEO Office.

Although this simple message can seem pointless, it does help everyone understand the seriousness of this matter. We recognize the importance of corporate social responsibilities, and it’s a huge part of how to prevent coronavirus in the companies.

4. Execute Medical and Relevant Actions

Implement Coronavirus Testing. In some regions and countries, most people encounter difficulties getting access to proper testing. To date, it is also possible to have a self-assessment regarding COVID-19.

Utilize Emergency Leave & Emergency Relief Fund.

Call for Closure & Quarantines. First and foremost, this an effective way to ensure human safety from COVID19. Meanwhile, it’s our social and environmental responsibility to quarantine.

5. Stay Close to Customers and/or Clients.

Corporations need to take immediate action, in order to keep clients informed on any changes. Moreover, there should also be a medium or long-term plan in place.

If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to reach out and chat with us, don’t ever hesitate. We are here for you and with you during the time of COVID-19.

Resources & Tools 

In the time of COVID-19, it is a vital responsibility of corporates and organizations to protect its people and communities.

Therefore, here are some trustworthy resources to help you understand and inform people around you on the pandemic COVID-19:

Johns Hopkins University, COVID-19 Global Cases Update

WHO, COVID-19 Situation Reports

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19

European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19

Canada, COVID-19

Public Health Ontario, COVID-19 Public Resources

Alberta Health Services, COVID-19 Free Self-Assessment Tool

British Columbia, COVID-19 Free Self-Assessment Tool

Bankrate, How you can help small businesses impacted by COVID-19

Kuusoft, Coronavirus Survival Guide for Small Business

For people who work in a public-facing setting, we at Kuusoft have designed digital signage content for risk management. So, reach out, and we can make a positive impact together.

Stay safe, stay strong, and stay socially responsible.

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