Banking Digital Signage Content Playlist: Best Practices

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Understand your audience, create a content pattern, think of the community. Discover the 7 best practices in Banking Digital Signage Playlist Content.

Coming up with the perfect banking digital signage playlist content is the next step to installing one on your property. There’s a thin line between subtle marketing and being pushy. This is where most businesses tend to topple over the fence and throw it all to waste. 

The modern-day consumer is hounded with ads, promotions, and stuff they are fed up with seeing. In that case, you need to work out a well-curated display content to go up on your in-branch bank digital signage without pushing your visitors over the edge.

Tap into this ultimate guide of creating the most effective banking digital signage content that would, at the right time, pop up as your customers walk by and would glue them to the screens. Further from there, they are likely to trot in towards other signage displays for more information about your services and turn into potential customers within the next few minutes. 

How to create the best banking digital signage content?

Following are the 7 best practices that you can employ to help you in your journey of designing the best banking digital signage content.

1. Understand your audience 

It is essential to know your audience and potential customers thoroughly. Otherwise, probably, your playlist content would not resonate with your customers. Subsequently, the intended message impact would not get across. 

The practice of knowing, understanding, and managing your audience with respective content to be played is beyond what it seems. Consider “programming” your digital signage the same way TV executives plan their networks. They tune in the content according to viewers’ profiles, peak timings, variable days, regions, and seasons. 

For crafting out the playlist content on a bank digital signage, capture the relevant audience. The demographic of customer inflow inside a bank changes every day, time of the day, and at the weekends. Different profiles mean their interests, needs, and relevance differs. You have to optimize your content according to the variables of your audience’s profiles. This should include age bracket, income bracket, primary employment base, and in some cases, primary languages. 

Content moderation may seem like a daunting task. But signage software and management solution can help you carry out granular and complex message-targeting easily. Using an advanced CMS, you can also create a combination of the rules-based content playlist, data-driven messages, and an online visualizer tool to monitor the content played when and how.

2. Taking care of the basics

Once you have your audience dissected, you have to take care of the common basic formula of digital signage playlist content. They remain the standard for most industries. However, you can tweak the loop time, fonts, and other factors a bit according to the locale of your bank. 

  • Play-time for every screen should be for no longer than 8-12 seconds.
  • Choose any two; extremely readable fonts (e.g., Sans serif) of your choice and keep them continuous throughout the playlist content. 
  • Generally, digital signage playlist content is 30% to educate, 40% to entertain, 20% to encourage, and 10% to evoke emotion. Feel free to tweak the proportions accordingly.
  • Avoid using passive words such as “can be found.” Go confident and direct. Avoid stuffing too much text, use color contrasts, and create a hierarchy of content.

3. Blend of ABC and APATT 

There are two dominant marketing strategies that shouldn’t influence the content you create:

  • ABC marketing strategy – Always Be Closing
  • APATT marketing strategy – All Product, All the Time 

Nobody likes being sold to all the time. Make sure you have created a homologous blend of both strategies. There has to be balanced marketing in the way you promote your services. While it is true that you need to focus on the ROI (Return on Investment) of your digital signage, your programming should not be merely sale-centered. Instead of acting like mere animated advertisements, just add a call to action at the end to spark interest. 

4. Cause effect with call-to-action 

Call to action is a great tool to create a link between your brand and your customer. Integrate CTAs in your digital signage content. It does not necessarily have to be at the end of the loops. Alternatively, you can add them every two to four minutes to drive your audience in taking a step. 

Curate content that matters to your customers with local messaging and elemental CTA to establish a link within the first few minutes. For instance, when informing your audience about the eligibility of a loan, you can suggest to your visitors with “Just drop us a call, and we’ll explain how.” 

5. Create a pattern 

Besides planning a playlist that matters more to your customers than it does to your bank, consider putting a pattern to it. 

The human brain grasps onto patterned content more than anything else. It enjoys the predictability and the sense of security that patterned concept brings to it. For instance, you can incorporate a customer story, a success story, or a founding story to your banking digital signage content playlist to resonate with the ordinary human brain. 

Think out-of-the-box and come up with innovative ideas to program your digital signage differently from how it is done in the bank branch next door. If possible, keep visiting your competition from time to time to keep a track of their playlist content. It can give you an idea of what you need not include in your digital signage content. 

6. Catchy content and placement 

Give priority to videos that can run within the play-time of each screen. Viewers like to watch graphics in motion more than static images. Similarly, hunt out the focal points inside the venue for appropriate placement of the digital signage. Park them at places where eyes naturally go, including from the lobby to transactional spaces and towards the other parts of the branch. 

As the content playlist varies in each zone of the bank, so should the places they appear to the walking-by visitors. 

7. Think of the community 

The influence of social media is enormous on the community, which makes it a powerful content engine for banking digital signage content playlists. Using content moderators and controllers of the social media content that comes their way, you can run tweets and photos shared by your community. Or thankyous for jobs well-done at your bank branch to boost the morale of employees and customers manifolds.  

There is a pile of research advocating that customers care and gravitate towards companies that respect their community and staff publicly, and wholeheartedly.

Bottom Line

Easier said than done, there is a whole lot of expertise, technology, and moderation required to keep your banking digital signage content playlist in tip-top shape.

Luckily, Display Persona System to reduce the complexity of content implementation, and Date Range Filter to monitor when, where, and how your content goes up on the screens, make content supervision flawless. On top of it, simply add up to your existing playlist with the Playlist Inheritance System and overcome unpredictable failures with Remote Reboot powering up the screens with double insurance.

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