What is Audio Branding And How to Use it in Your Business

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As an entrepreneur, running a successful business means considering all the proven ways to keep your brand at the top. However, knowing what is best for branding, a business can be challenging. As such, one of the proven ways you can boost your business is through audio marketing.

If you’ve been wondering what sound marketing is and how you can successfully use it for your business, this post is for you. Let’s dive in.

What is audio branding?

Also known as Audio Logo, this is a broad term used to refer to a collection of sound and music to reinforce a brand or business in identifying customers and driving conversions and sales. It aims to engage and entice customers and sticking your brand identity in their minds. Such examples are music tunes, spoken slogans, and more. More preferably, this sort of marketing is used in televisions and radio advertising campaigns. Best of all, suppose you decide to brand your business through sound marketing; you can do it on your phone as on-hold messages or play brand-based tunes to engage customers regularly.

Better yet, all means of branding a business need to be super powerful for better results. As such, here is the power of sound marketing you may want to embrace:

The Power of Audio Branding

For a fact, the world we live in is full of branding. Every day, you come across digital signage at every business’s point of purchase displays. If you didn’t know, this refers to the displayed content such as streaming media, information, videos, and images you frequently see in retail stores, hotels, and restaurants.

In other words, digital signage is display content through the use of retail signage software to grab people’s attention to feel engaged and, thus, buy or do business with them.

With sound being one of the elements of branding that have a powerful impression, successful brands such as Podcasts, Facebook, and Television companies, to mention a few, take an excellent implementation of their retail signage software to use sound in their marketing.

For example, the power of audio branding is seen on Ads, Television advertisements, and mobiles tunes where you’re used to a particular sound that tells you a specific product or company is mentioned or displayed even without looking at your phone or Television.

Today, every business is looking to ensure sales, conversions, and traffic is first-hand priorities for its success. Sound has become a big connector among all other means of branding. It is sound that creates identity and consolidates the pathway for customers’ purchase decisions.

Sound engages, triggers emotional recall, and builds trusts, which all bring about increasing sales and building a brand above expectations. For that reason, when it comes to all aspects of branding, the sound becomes meaningful in ensuring a brand guides its customers by keeping the old and engaging the new to become not only regular buyers but entirely connected to everything the brand does.

The Best examples of Audio Branding

Growth is inevitable, and as humans, any business that doesn’t grow is not worth being in the market. When it comes to growing your business, branding is one of the most effective ways to do so, and for a fact, nearly every big brand has an audio logo.

Moreover, the most successful audio logos are short, easy to remember, recognizable, and super-memorable. As such, imitating the best examples of brands succeeding through audio marketing is an excellent option for any entrepreneur. For that reason, here are the most –famous three examples of sound marketing you may have never noticed:

Broadcasting Brands

One of the most successful companies to have implemented a powerful sound branding strategy is NBC broadcasting. With the brand’s famous three-tones of chime, viewers always know what they’re watching without ever wanting to see anything else apart from the beautiful displays. In other words, NBC’s audio logo is magnificently designed and super-recognizable with authentic colors on the screen; everyone would want to look.

The Famous Television Franchise

For most people, law and order Television are instantly recognizable because of its iconic combination of sounds. And the sounds made the show a huge success. Because of the powerful audio strategy implemented during the show’s casting, producers realized it was so engaging and enticing to the audience. So, to a point, they solely advertised the entire show through sound branding. The only sound was their best source for their advertising campaign!

Mobile Brands

Next up among the most successful audio branding, the world has seen Nokia. Nokia is known to be one of the leading manufacturers of mobile devices easily recognizable by their ringtones.

How to use Digital Signage in Retail Audio Branding

While most people know about sound marketing, implementing the strategy to boost their businesses is not a walk in the park. However, knowing how to use display content correctly in your retail sound marketing is the best way to help you engage and drive more customers without a hassle. As such, here are steps you can follow to market your business through sound branding correctly:

Choose your Music Wisely

The first step to getting the best digital signage for your retail business is to know the best tunes for engaging your audience. This means you need to find what kind of music fits your business and people who regularly visit you. To ensure you don’t miss the kind of music to display along with your signage, think of things like:

  • What makes the most sense for my line of business?
  • Do I need fast or slow music for a place like this?
  • Should I play modern or classical tunes from my regular customers?

Once you have these and more questions and answers, you can start by listening to the best samples of music. Better yet, when selecting your musical tunes, it is wise to consider other factors. These factors can be the age groups of your regular and target customers.

Decide on your Audio Scripts and Jingles

While most people don’t consider this as an essential factor, carefully deciding on the language you use and is most popular among your customers is an excellent option to brand your business.

Best of all, you should know the difference between language teenagers and old people use. Don’t shy off from using audio scripts and jingles that match your customers based on your target audience.

Additionally, successful audio scripts for branding don’t need to belong or too short, but with a length that would better engage customers than bore them. Another useful option is to ensure your sounds and jingles are catchy. You can access them by reviewing your samples through sharing with others and take their opinions before implementing them into your branding.


As you can imagine, running and branding a business can be challenging and overwhelming. However, making memorable and effective audios can boost your brand above the shelves by driving more clients and increasing your sales. If you’ve ever wanted an affordable yet effective branding strategy, try audio branding. From there on, enjoy its excellent results like Nokia and NBC companies.

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