The Power of DOOH (Digital-Out-of-Home) Advertising

Times Square in NYC with a lot of dooh screens

Social media emerged in the last 2 decades, and it replaced the TV advertisement and NEWS paper advertisements. However, TV and NEWS paper advertisements fall under in-house advertisement modes. Modern trends have shown that DOOH (Digital out of home) advertising is 328% more effective than other marketing means. 

What is DOOH (Digital-Out-of-Home) Advertising?

Before we start singing lullabies of DOOH, it’s important to talk about the basic concept of DOOH (in case if you don’t already know). 

So, as the name suggests; DOOH (digital out of home advertising) is a means of marketing done outside a home. For example, digital marketing companies show you their advertisements on your devices while browsing the internet. Watching videos or scrolling your favourite social media site, but digital out of home advertising doesn’t work like that. Signboards that you see on the roads are a perfect example of DOOH. In this piece of content, we are not talking about old school static signboards. We are talking about DOOH signages. 

Can We Use DOOH As A Sniper Marketing Tool? 

People believe that out-of-home advertising can’t be used for targeted marketing, but this perception is wrong. For example, if a product is meant for parents, then it can be advertised on digital media boards around schools and colleges. Densely populated areas are the main targets to display DOOH adverts. 

Another biggest benefit of this open-air advertising tool is 100% viewership. Ad-blocking extensions often block social media ads, but this is not the case with DOOH advertising. Digital out of home advertising can only be blocked physically or if its ad source is removed. 

Interest-Based Marketing

You can’t sell an expensive laptop brand in slums because people living there can’t afford your products. To sell, you need to show your ads to the people you think are you, potential customers. DOOH gives your these controls; you can display your ads wherever your interest is. Don’t just follow people for marketing. Let them come towards your digital signage.

Advertise More Brands As Compared To Static Billboards

Old school mode of marketing allowed 1 advertiser at a time. For example, if a brand booked a billboard for their advertisement, other brands couldn’t show their products in that specific location. Digital out of home advertising has solved this problem. Companies can change images and even videos on the new media boards even after every 15 seconds. It’s like plugging a USB device into a computer, and the computer will start playing whatever supported multimedia is available. However, a regular USB stick doesn’t work like that. NexSigns has solved this problem with Nano-PC 3 device

How DOOH Marketing Collects Analytics Insights? 

Analytics is the most important factor for any mode of marketing because analytics suggest a possible ROI. DOOH measures traffic by the number of pedestrians or vehicles. Ad impressions are collected using special sensors and cameras.

How To Choose locality for your Billboard DOOH Marketing Campaign? 

This is where homework and research work comes in. The first thing is first; even before you start choosing the ad type you want to display on the electronic screen, you should know your audience!

It’s people who will consume your ads, or let me be specific, and it will be people with the right interest in your product which will consume your ads. Once you have completed your research, market hot spots where people of your interest travel, and during what time they travel, you will be ready to take further steps.  

For example, if you choose your targeted audience with high income, you will find a billboard where people with such status travel daily. It could be a food street, shopping mall or even around playgrounds. 

Digital Signage For DOOH Advertising Is A Way To Go

Are you new to outdoor marketing tactics and don’t know where to start? Choose digital signage for your first DOOH advertising. We are a one-stop-shop for outdoor video marketing. We offer a wide range of LED displays, and you can choose one that matches your requirements. No matter if you want to opt for DOOH for branding purposes, spread word about your business or just for a promotional video message, we have got you covered with our multi-sized LEDs. 

Interactive and Non-Interactive Displays 

The brand image leads to sales. You can give your customers a personalized experience by installing interactive displays to interact with the display and choose products based on their interests. If you feel like your customers don’t need to interact with the displays, then non-interactive displays are also open. 

You don’t want to miss out far behind your competitors. Then why not choose digital signage for your business marketing. No matter how you want to market your business and your requirement, you can acquire LEDs of any size. Yes! NexSigns has a solution to every DOOH marketing problem. No matter if you are looking for a small, medium or mega-sized display, we have it for you.

In conclusion, you don’t need to worry about the video source and forget about when you used to rely on your tech-savvy team to change videos on the digital signage.

You can learn more about NexSigns’ Digital Signage solution and connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on digital signage!

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