6 Key Questions to Ask Before Investing in Digital Signage

6 Key Questions Before Investing in Digital Signage Solution
6 Key Questions Before Investing in Digital Signage Solution

Digital signage solution has become an important aspect of business growth. Thanks to the growing technology, it is gradually replacing the traditional advertising system previously limited to prints.

So what are Digital signage solutions? They are an advanced approach to advertising that goes beyond mere logos. The iconic combination of high-quality images, videos, and graphics helps deliver customers a best-in-class experience. Not only does it improve the company’s visibility, but it also drives new customers and ensures better interactions. It offers customers up-to-date information regarding what the business is all about.

Before you invest in digital signage for your business, here are 6 essential questions you should consider to give you an idea of what type of digital signage your brand requires.

1. Why Do I Need Digital Signage?

Let’s get this straight: knowing your brand/business goal for digital signage can help you determine the budget, outcomes, and requirements. Take your time and decide why and where you need digital signage. Is it to attract customers in the queue or to display discounts? You may also get digital signage for direction boards (exit/entry).

Additionally, you must determine your budget and stick to it! Do your research and focus on getting the best product without spending a fortune.

2. Who is My Audience?

Now that you are clear with the business goal and why you need digital signage, it’s time to identify your audience. Defining your audience is important to determine the signage size requirements, placements, and position.

People often focus on a particular sub-audience through digital signage. So, it would be best if you decided whether you want to do the same.

You may need digital signage to entice your customers or display upcoming products you will be launching. You may also need digital signage for children’s waiting areas to keep the babies/children engaged while their parents shop.

Alternatively, you may need digital signage for parking lots and drive-thrus so people can reach their destination quickly. If you are interested, there’s an industry-specific term called “way finding.”

3. What Content will I Display on the Digital Signage?

One thing that’s quite popular in the digital signage industry is live feeds. You must have seen how some brands display live matches or tournaments to engage the audience. Not only do people feel less bored while waiting in the queue, but it also attracts more people to the store.

Depending on the type of content, the digital signage solutions may differ. For example, if you just want images and videos on the signage, then automated digital signage with dynamic content is the right choice.

As a real example, we have a real estate office showing all their property listings on a TV using our digital signage software. The listing is dynamically pulled from the database with all the details regarding the listing as well as images, videos, and even a QR code to access a live VR experience on a cell phone.

4. Do I Need On-Site or Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solution?

The cloud-based system contains an on-site media player connected to TVs. At the same time, all the data, content, and content management is handled on the server hosted elsewhere (usually in a data center the software development company manages).

The on-premise solution also has a media player connected to TVs, but another server needs to be on-site (usually located in the back office). The downside of this approach is that all editing must be done physically on-site, and maintaining a server is more costly than a cloud-based solution (SaaS software as a service).

5. What are the Associated Costs of Digital Signage Solution and its Installation?

As mentioned earlier, you must stick to your determined signage budget. But before that, consider the factors and costs associated with the digital signage solution.

Any digital signage installation includes three types of costs:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Installation

Hardware includes physical components, such as TV screens, mounts, kiosks, media players, and tablets. Investing in good hardware is important because the final display depends on it.

Software, on the other hand, is the medium that lets you upload images, videos, and other content. It should be compatible with the media player and offer the required features. So, it’s necessary to invest in high-quality software, as well.

Last, you may have to pay an installation cost for on-site installations. Make a detailed list of all these components and see whether it complies with your determined budget. Ask yourself about the quality and features you need and choose the components accordingly.

6. Does My Digital Signage Brand Have Customer Support for Assistance?

Your journey with your digital signage brand doesn’t end after the purchase. There may be times when you need expert assistance with any technical glitches or display errors. So, to be safe, choosing a trustworthy digital signage brand that offers good customer support for such issues is recommended.

You must check the brand’s reviews and see what the customers say. If the reviews aren’t satisfactory, trying another digital signage solution is best. You should also check whether the brand offers recurrent software updates as they upgrade to a newer version.

Before buying your digital signage solution, ask yourself these six questions and list your answers.

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