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Laurel Wreath

18 years of practical expertise working with clients across all industries

Laurel Wreath

Benefits of Using Digital Signage

Personalize In-Store Branding

Assist Sales Strategies

Automate Services at Scale

Nurture Customer Loyalty

Accelerate Content Distribution

Generate Analytics & Insights

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The most advanced digital signage features live in NexSigns.

Cost Effective

NexSigns is a solution that even the most frugal of accountants can get behind.

Future Proof

Future Proof

Easy to update and maintain; grants your retail reaching beyond horizons.

Kuusoft are clearly a talented bunch as they not only had the technological expertise, but were able to grasp our creative platform in a relatively short timeframe and produce on-brand videos. These guys do great work.
Ben Champion
Manager, Business Marketing , Westminster Savings Credit Union
It’s obvious that the use of digital menu boards immediately triples the amount of customers compared to other stores within the same food court. This is really the game changer.
Headshot of Michael Flavelle, Director of Operations for Fresh & Healthy Brands
Michael Favelle
Director of Operations, Fresh & Healthy Brands
NexSigns digital signage takes away the hassles of long waiting time when it comes to making changes to our menu boards. We can now make changes on our signage within minutes and from anywhere thanks to NexSigns.
Karl Tang, Owner of The Bubble Tea Shop with his back turned so that the company logo on the back of his shirt is showing
Karl Tang
Owner, The Bubble Tea Shop

Plug & Play: It's Really That Simple.

Nano-PC3 is the world’s most efficient commercial-grade digital signage media player for any type of business.
Its power to display dynamic content on the screen will attract more customers to your business in no time.

Powerful Hardware

Display gorgeous multimedia with video playback capable of 720p, 1080p, and 4K2K native and 8K upscaled display.

Reliable Operations

Never fear your digital signage going down due to internet outages. We provide solutions for internet-free operations.

Durable Design

A resilient aluminum die-cast casing and a fanless heat sink make the Nano-PC3 resilient and operable under temperatures from -40°C - 103°C.

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