Digital Signage Solutions for Hospitals

Hospital digital signage is the perfect way to improve communication and make connections with your patients. Share health and service information with your patients while reducing their perceived wait time. Keep everyone in the loop with NexSigns.

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Our digital signage enhances the welcoming atmosphere at Saratoga Hospital by improving the efficiency and reliability of its dining services with advanced scheduling and a dedicated technical support team.

Key Benefits of Hospital Digital Signage

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Enhance Your Patients’ Experience

Digital signage for medical offices helps you control the feeling of your waiting area. Reduce perceived wait times and ease the anxiety of the patients in your waiting area. Capture their attention with interesting facts and health tips to distract them while they wait. You can also show queue status, so your patients know how long the wait will be.

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Communicate With Your Patients Efficiently

Use hospital digital signage as your notice boards in high-traffic areas to keep your patients and visitors updated. You can share PSAs, show the latest doctors’ timetables, and launch new products and services to everyone. Highlight your medical achievements, present your team, and share doctor profiles to boost credibility.

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Show Appreciation to Your Generous Donors

Celebrate your donors on the digital signs in your lobby and waiting room. Share a list of the generous organizations behind your facility so your patients know who is behind your facility. If you ever want to update your hospital digital signage, you can do so instantly on our online platform.

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Share Your Services and Boost Your Revenue

Digital signage software for hospitals and healthcare lets you update your content quickly and skip the printing costs. Make use of your real-time data to create and launch new marketing campaigns on your hospital digital signage. You can also rent your digital screens out to run advertisements from other businesses.

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Help Everyone Gets to Where They Want to Be

Our Building Directory System lets you guide your visitors through your healthcare facility and medical offices in a clean and easy-to-read way. You can access our online platform on any device if you want to update your digital wayfinding information.

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Foster Better Employee Communication

You can share new information with your employees with your healthcare digital signage in an instant. Place them in staff’s work areas so you can coordinate your team at a moment’s notice. Boost your employees’ morale with motivational messages to help them push through each day.

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How NexSigns Works

Effective Healthcare Digital Signage

Powerful Graphics

Display gorgeous multimedia with video playback capable of 720p, 1080p, and 4K2K native and 8K upscaled display.

Reliable Operations

Don’t worry about your digital signage going down due to WiFi or Internet outages. With both internal and external storage and internet-free operations, NexSigns can continue to work even during an outage.

Durable Design

A resilient aluminum die-cast casing and a fanless heatsink make the Nano-PC3 resilient and able to operate in temperatures from -40°C - 103°C.

Easy to Get Started

Set up your digital signage in minutes with our slim and compact digital signage computer ( Nano-PC 3). Plug the Nano-PC 3 into any HDTV and you will be ready to showcase any product or service.

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What's in the Box

What is in Nano-PC3 box a USB cable, power adapter, Nano-PC3, HDMI cornering anchor, and HDMI extender

Digital Signage Set Up

It’s fast and easy to set up your digital signage. Plug the Nano-PC 3 into any HDTV to transform it into a premium digital signage system for your business.

Design Approaches

Start your digital signage experience by selecting a design from our template library. You can also get a design tailor-made for your business.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Experience

NexSigns is quick to set up and needs little to no upkeep. Because your success is our focus, we provide a free consultation to ensure you get the best ROI. Our clients have noticed a major boost in customer satisfaction and engagement once they started using NexSigns. Begin your digital signage journey today and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

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