True Portrait Mode

NexSigns True Portrait Mode provides a simple way to display portrait digital signage. There is no need to edit content in an odd orientation so that it can mimic and fit a portrait display.  With NexSigns, it is easy and straightforward to edit any content in a portrait display

Portrait Digital Signage made Simple

Mounting a portrait display can be complicated, but NexSigns makes the process simple. It can be difficult to standardize content with screens rotated in different ways. The content might end up flipped depending on how you mount your screen in portrait orientation. NexSigns’ True Portrait Mode will handle these issues so you can enjoy the benefits. Our software will rotate your content, so it always matches the portrait display.

NexSigns bypasses the problems that arise when changing from landscape to portrait. Remove any frustrations from installing new digital signage with this simple feature. This feature makes it easy to set up screens in portrait mode. True Portrait Mode allows you to easily rotate content, clockwise or counterclockwise, with a click of a button.

Demo on Portrait Digital Signage?

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