Smart Menu Editor

The Smart Menu Editor will ensure your menu always looks beautiful no matter what you change. You can add new or special items to your menu, and they will match your menu design automatically. Our intelligent software will incorporate any modifications you make into your menu design. This means that you can make changes to your menu without the need of a designer.

smart menu editor - digital signage with NexSigns

The ease of automation

The Smart Menu Editor uses the world’s first Intelligent Menu Positioning System (IMPS). This cutting-edge algorithm determines the best way to position elements on the screen. It combines the professional design with menu content provided by the user. The result is an attractive menu that is easy to maintain without needing a graphic designer.

The freedom of modification

You can adjust your menu in a matter of clicks with the Smart Menu Editor. Update an item’s name, price, and description within seconds. This is a “what you see is what you get” experience that will transform how your business operates.

Menus designed just for you

The future-proof editor provides complete protection to your branding elements. This editor will preserve your brand’s color, typography, and logos into the future. Our talented designers will make your menu how you envision it. They produce visual definitions and rules to guard every condition and ensure every change is on brand. These services will ensure your digital signage is exactly what you want. You will fall in love with the simple editing experience that we offer.

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