Scheduled Publishing

Scheduled Publishing

Business thrives in consistency; scheduling  digital signage content ahead keeps you ahead of the competition. Automate your signage content updates with Scheduled Publishing – NexSigns simplifies the process of planning and publishing your engaging content at the right time.

Look beyond what’s on today

Easily schedule and publish content to the right dates at the right times. With this powerful feature, you can plan your content and have them scheduled months or even years ahead. And when the time comes, your content will be delivered to every screen you wish to display, no extra actions are required.

You say where and when

Our Scheduled Publishing feature is the simplest-to-use tool on the market today. It allows users to fully automate which content gets shown, on to which screens, and when. You can create seasonal campaigns or plan content to be displayed down to individual minutes and hours.

digital signage content scheduling for culinary arts

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