Remote Reboot

Remote Reboot

We put your signage performance at first, and that’s why we grant it double insurance. Powering your screens with reliance and stability, NexSigns utilizes a fail-safe, remote reboot system for unpredictable circumstances.

Your ultimate safety net, on the cloud

Execute system reboot on any display through your online portal without physically rebooting the device. Running in parallel with your digital signage system, your system reboot can be done to cope with any unexpected situation. With the remote reboot feature, an offsite IT support team can now do a reboot to swiftly recover the system from an error state, without any extra loss to your use.

Let the magic happen on its own

Updates are made easy with NexSigns. Our Remote Reboot functionality can initiate a magic packet, with which a device in your network can reboot itself on request. With a peace of mind, let the reboot come through and ensure your signage performance.

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