Playlist Inheritance System

Playlist Inheritance System

Amplify your voice through impeccable content distribution, only made possible with the Playlist Inheritance System. We break free from the traditional, nonhierarchical playlist, enabling nested and inheritable playlists for efficiency and scalability.

Better utility with less maintenance, more automation

Our system is designed with high asset reusability and automation in mind from the very beginning. With Playlist Inheritance System, you can easily add a nested playlist to your existing playlist, combining multiple lists to achieve your objectives. When you make changes to a playlist, all the other ones that have inherited this specific playlist will auto-update to the latest version. Our system ensures your content coherence, with minimal human maintenance effort.

Power to make big things happen

The true value of the Playlist Inheritance System is unlocked when your network is running at full scale with a full complement of screens at every level (national, regional, local) that matters. Your national playlist can be inherited by the regional playlist, and your regional playlist can be succeeded by your local branches. Every time there’s an update big or small on a higher level, all the inherited displays will automatically receive the update. The scalable content operation accelerates your workflow and gets you to market faster.

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