Playlist Inheritance System

Make use of simple content sharing with our digital signage Playlist Inheritance System. This feature allows you to structure your content into a hierarchical system. Use this feature to create multiple playlists to easily share and divide your content between your local, regional, and global campaigns.

Better utility with less maintenance, more automation

The Playlist Inheritance System automates how you share your content. With this feature, it is easy to organize your content. Divide your digital signage playlists among National, Regional, and Branch locations. Once changes have been made to one digital signage playlist, all other inherited playlists will update to match it. Change the National playlist to update content across all your locations. Use Regional and Branch playlists to update content for only a region or a specific branch.

Focus your content

The Playlist Inheritance System will take care of all your content sorting needs. Organizing content can be a long and tedious process. However, our sophisticated software has been meticulously designed to address this challenge head-on.

Our software will generate permutations for all your content to create all required combinations. Each piece of content can be a part of several combinations. This feature will determine which combination to assign content to by the rules you set.

So, say goodbye to the laborious efforts of content organization and embrace a world where your digital media effortlessly matches your preferences, leaving you more time to focus on your branding hassle-free.

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