Combine Live TV and Digital Signage with NexSigns. We offer the world’s first software-based Live TV that works on any digital signage screen. This feature will allow you to transform your digital signage beyond a simple sign. Exceed the potential of your screens with our industry leading LiveTV system.

Setting new standards for the Live TV experience

NexSigns offers the only menu TV display software that can display live cable content. This feature works alongside your signage on any HDTV. Our LiveTV can scale to any size to fit in with your messaging. This powerful feature transforms any HDTV into a multi-purpose communication platform, merging the worlds of entertainment and information effortlessly.

The power of a shared viewing experience

Incorporate live video with the rest of your custom-made content. Create a modern live TV experience for your customers. Boost audience engagement with online polls and celebrations right on the screen. Take advantage of the dynamic aspects of your digital signage with our LiveTV feature.

Demo on Digital Signage Software With LiveTV?

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