HTML 5 Content

Our digital signage offers full support for any HTML 5 content. Take advantage of NexSigns’ chromium-based browser to show your website, or other web content, on your screens. With our built-in browser, we make it easy for you to display any web content.

digital signage html 5

100% HTML 5 compatibility with support

NexSigns comes with its own HTML 5 browser, built on open-source Chromium. Our browser is as accurate as Chrome or Firefox when rendering pages. You will never have to worry about making independent adjustments for both your website and screen. Our browser makes it simple to display any web content.

Create Powerful Digital Signage with Content Player

Our platform seamlessly integrates with the execution of JavaScript code within your digital signage HTML 5 pagegranting you the freedom to infuse interactivity and dynamic functionality into your displays. 

With NexSigns,  there is virtually no limitation on what you can do and create with the built-in JavaScript run-time engine. Consider taking any time to create your content. The only limitation is your creativity.

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