Date Range Filter

Set the dates you want to show specific content with NexSigns’ Date Range Filter. Create a playlist and choose a date and time range to display it. You can also select certain times to show individual pieces of content from the playlist. The many uses of this feature will ensure your content is always relevant to the time of day, and day of the week.

Keep your display content fresh at every moment

Our system simplifies how you present limited time offers. Schedule in advance when new content arrives, and our software will display it during the date range you specified. Attach filters to your content to ensure they are displayed only when it is at the right moment. Automate your content playlists to display exactly what you want, when you want.

Reach your audience at the best time

Does your content have a “use only after” or “best before” date? NexSigns’ Date Range Filter ensures you never show premature or outdated content. Our system will streamline how you display content and show it to your customers at the perfect time.

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Date Range Filter?

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