Digital Signage for Healthcare

Streamline information in your hospital or clinic with our Healthcare Digital Signage. Our digital signage will better the experience of your employees and visitors. Keep everyone in the loop at your healthcare facility. Present clear messages that will educate and inform your guests and employees.

Key Benefits of Healthcare Digital Signage

Cut perceived wait times by holding your visitors' attention with our displays. Show commercials or informative videos while they wait and make the time go by swiftly.

Spread awareness with public service announcements (PSAs). Educate your guests about their health and the ways that they can improve it.

Promote services and community events. Keep your guests aware of everything you offer.

Manage displays across your entire facility from any device that is a part of your network.

Grab the attention of patients and visitors. Our digital signage offers captivating designs for anything you display. Use our stunning designs to draw attention to all your advertisements or announcements.

Reduce operational costs. Updating our digital signage is quick and easy without needing a designer. Save time and money not having to replace physical signage whenever you need to update.

Our Work is Stunning Engaging Effective

Effective Digital Signage Solutions for Everyone

Increase Your Audience by 62%

Bring in more customers by showing them what they are looking for. Research shows that 62% more people notice information when it is on digital signage.

Total Solution or Do it Yourself

NexSigns offer a total solution to take care of your entire project from start to finish. For those who wish to do it themselves, we can provide all the necessary tools to make that happen.

Easy to Get Started

You can set up your digital signage in minutes. Plug in the digital signage computer (Nano-PC 3) to any HDTV and you will be ready to showcase any product or service.

Make Changes Easily

Have a sudden promotion or sale? Update your digital signage in no time from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

npc3 dimensions digital signage player
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How NexSigns Works

What's in the Box

What is in Nano-PC3 box a USB cable, power adapter, Nano-PC3, HDMI cornering anchor, and HDMI extender

Digital Signage Set Up

It’s fast and easy to set up your digital signage. Plug the Nano-PC 3 into any HDTV to transform it into a premium digital signage system for your business.

Technical drawing on installing a Nano-PC3 by connecting power and then the Nano-PC3 into a display's HDMI port

Design Approaches

Start your digital signage experience by selecting a design from our template library. You can also get a design tailor-made for your business.

Design consultation for a digital menu board design done in an illustration icon style
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