Where to Use Healthcare and Hospital Digital Signage in Your Facilities?

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If you work in a hospital or any healthcare facility, have you ever thought about where to use technology like digital signage in hospitals? It is a big question for many operational consultants as hospitals can be extremely complex.

If you work in a healthcare facility, you must have come across different logistical problems. Naturally, hospitals are very complicated in reference to logistics. Hospitals are avenues that need a swift supply chain since the lives of people are involved. It is also in hospitals where there are so many completely interdependent departments. As a consequence, a failure in logistics will mean a failure in a large system that would mean life and death.

Therefore, it is for this reason that healthcare facilities need to use digital signage content to streamline the logistics. If you have not yet procured the digital signage equipment, it is the high time that you do so. Most of the time, you will require a digital signage display to inform your clients, reassure them with video and graphical information, and help your staff deliver their duties.

Where to use digital signage in hospitals?

You can install both local and cloud-based digital signage in your facilities for efficiency. Are you wondering where to use digital signage in your hospital? Well, the following is a list of the areas that you could put digital signage content.

1. Entrance Way

The entrance-way to your hospital is the first part your clients and patients will see. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you can communicate a lot to them without really having to say anything. You can erect digital displays to greet your visitors with promotions on hospital values and services.

With worried patients, this signage will make them feel reassured and make them calmer. Great signage tends to give your hospital a presentable look. You can highlight your great services and good performance on these displays. This way, you will cut yourself a niche in customer and logistical streamlining. Some of the contents you can use include:-

• A display of videos and pictures of doctors performing their respective duties
• Animations and graphical illustration of the various services that you offer

These contents will give the clients and the guests an idea of what kind of services they can expect.

You must have come across that one patient who had lost their way. Good signage will help your clients and patients easily find their way using the method implemented by the signage. You can implement the signage in the lobby in the form of digital maps. These maps would include the directions to follow from the lobby to their preferred destination. This way, your patients will not get lost in the hallways or corridors. Your healthcare facility will also experience reduced interruptions that are most common during doctor-patient sessions. These interruptions are mostly caused by patients bumping into the wrong rooms.

Another advantage you will get is the de-congestion of your hallways and lobby. This is because most patients will be aware of where they are going without having to stand in the hallways waiting for somebody to direct them.
It is at the lobby that you should put signage that informs the patient other services you offer, such as third-party marketing, snack bars, cafes, gift shops, or flower shops. These promotions will help you improve revenue collection and put your digital signage to good use.

3. Hallways

To enhance way-finding in your hospital, you can put signage solutions in all the hallways. This will ensure that your clients can find their way to the emergency and operating rooms with ease. This will not only make way-finding more efficient, but also it will boost your third-party advertising and communication.

It is from these signages that you can notify different parties of the different happenings in real-time. To prevent disasters and loss of lives, you can use the digital signages to communicate to nurses, doctors, and other attendants to inform them of when and where needed.

4. Waiting Areas

When a patient has to wait for a long time to see the doctor, they feel tortured. The state of being unwell even aggravates this. To put the patients at ease, you can implement a queuing system and use digitally enabled signages to inform them of the time they have to wait. Moreover, the display can inform your clients and patients of the approximate time remaining and the number of patients in the waiting.

Something else that you can keep the patients busy with is a display of news and educational materials. For example, these can be sports news, weather, social media, and relevant campaigns. This way, you will reduce the impatience by boredom and long waiting hours.

When patients are engaged, they tend to become less irritable. Locating where to use digital signage in hospitals can cope with patients’ experience, so health assistants and receptionists will have an easier time dealing with the patients.

When you keep your patients entertained during the waiting, they feel more satisfied. Entertainment also has a way of making people forget about their down-times. You will also be able to keep the patients informed and ensure that they can wait for their turn.

Another way to maximize the use of digital signage content is to broadcast how patients should prepare for their procedure. For instance, the digital content signage can inform patients of the documents needed, how to eat, where to visit for what, etc.

If you are wondering where to use digital signage, you can use them in the waiting areas for patient check-ins. This way, you will save your receptionist’s time and give you a high rate of productivity.

5. Waiting Rooms in the ER

Timeliness and efficiency are the definitive core success defining strategies in the emergency rooms. Therefore, it would be best if you implement digital signs to ensure that time and efficiency are well promoted and observed. This is possible by using signages to provide critical information to the doctors. It is this crucial information that tends to be the difference between life and death.

However, to ensure that efficiency is at the forefront, you should put the signages on visually accessible areas. Probably above the eye level for easier access.

6. Nurses, Doctors, and General Staff Areas

When you communicate with your employees in real-time, you give them the required information to dispense their duties. Hospital staff is famous for paying attention to nature. Therefore, if you erect communication signage in their lounges, that will be a great addition to both efficient communication and information passage. This way, your hospital can provide better services, improved efficiency in operations, and also the reduction of expensive employee errors. A lack of communication or mishearing mostly causes errors. Wondering where to use digital signage in hospitals for team building? Staff rooms would be it.

Some of the communications in the staff lounges include:

  • Departmental alerts
  • Updates
  • Meeting announcements
  • Updates on patient load
  • Upcoming events

7. Cafes and Snack Bars

You can use floor standing touch screen kiosk displays in places like cafes and snack bars. These can be great signages to help your clients and patients understand the menu and the offerings. Besides, the digital kiosk signage will keep your customers informed of the menus and products available. The customers get to know the available snacks or foods, various prices, and out of stock items. You can also use signages to highlight and prompt patrons to get food when they become hungry. The signages will also inform patients of feeding times for patients who need to take the medication. Finally, the best way you can run your health institution is by implementing efficient and clear communication procedures.

Conclusion: Where to Use Digital Signage in Hospitals

We hope that this article has answered your questions about where to use digital signage in hospitals. If you find this information helpful, send us a comment or an email! We can help you plan out your digital signage deployment with the right experts.

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