Top 5 Digital Menu Board Mistakes

Differentiating your restaurant from the competition is essential. It’s what makes your business thrive in this fast-paced quick-service industry.

Popular eateries are filled with consumers who are not only sensitive to what they eat, but also the visuals and experience that go behind marketing these options to them.

A poorly crafted digital menu board can, tarnish the reputation of your restaurant leading to bad business and terrible word of mouth.

To help you stay on the safe side, we will be reviewing the top 5 digital menu board mistakes affecting many quick-service restaurants today.

We will also mention a few ways to prevent these mistakes from compromising your digital menu boards.

Without further ado, let’s begin:

Cluttered Menu

While it might seem logical at first glance not to overburden your digital menu board with too many options, hundreds of restaurants still overfill their screens in an attempt to save on space and money.

The result is a cluttered menu board that confuses consumers.

If this is how your menu board is currently looking, you can declutter it by eliminating closely-related food variations. For example, a “cheeseburger with onion rings” and a “cheeseburger with fries” can be represented singularly as “cheeseburger” with the option of onion rings or fries shown under a separate “sides” category.

Interstitial Promos

Interstitial promos—also known as interstitial ads—are a popular advertising format used in the food industry today. This is when an ad plays across an entire digital menu board display, often paid for by another company or for an internal promotion.

While it provides an additional source of income for the restaurant and can draw attention to promotions, it can prove detrimental to the client experience. Indeed, too many ads can be distracting to the consumers making it difficult for them to make an informed decision regarding their order.

If you have to have interstitial promos running on your menu boards, make sure they are not too many or play too often to the point that they irritate customers while making an order.

Such a situation can lead to disgruntled patrons leaving the restaurant!

Confusing Layouts

It’s every consumer’s preference to easily choose their desired meal without having to struggle with an intricate digital menu board.

Therefore, an unspoken rule for any digital menu board is that it should be as understandable as possible.

Keep your layout simple by using plain language and ensure that the format for displaying the different food options is straightforward.

Using Overly Complex Animations

Animations are essential in attracting consumers to your restaurant and towards up-sells. They also add life to your menu board by keeping visitors intrigued by what you have to offer. Especially if the animations have a close connection to the food servings (fire for spicy, ice for a cold drink).

However, if too many animations are on the menu board, they can be disrupting. They divert a consumer’s attention from the menu, which means they will take a longer time to order. This disrupts the flow of customers into and out of the restaurant.

That said, it is ideal to strive for the perfect balance between text and animations. The animations should be enough to simply add a stylistic touch to your content.

Poorly Positioned Displays

One of the most overlooked errors when it comes to digital menu boards is poorly positioned displays. We’re talking about menu boards that are difficult to read not because of the content but their positioning.

A restaurant might have a great menu board, but it can be ruined by poor lighting or glare.

It is, therefore, advisable to keep the board in a position that strikes the perfect balance between shadow and light.

The board should be placed in an area with enough light, but not to the point where the light source has a higher intensity than the board.

 This results in glare.

The idea is to have your consumers read the board from any ideal viewing location in a clear, concise manner.

Conclusively, avoiding the mistakes mentioned above helps consumers get better access to your food variations, as well as saving you a ton of money in terms of advertising!

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