Restaurant Digital Signage Playlist Content: Best Practices

creative digital signage playlist content at restaurant
Upselling items, dwell time entertainment, window displays. Learn how you can have the best restaurant digital signage content playlist.

The concept of fine dining has always been popular. Look back at the 80s and 90s where people would gather to celebrate and have formal dinner parties. Today, all around us, we have numerous fine dining establishments ready to serve their tastiest recipes in a high-end setting exuding elegance and flair.

If you are a restaurateur, you have to continually develop dynamic ways to keep in line with the growing competition apart from working on your menu items. Today, a blend of flavors is not enough to keep your customers hooked. Above all, the grandeur atmosphere and flavorsome food are essential. However, suppose a fine dining restaurant harnesses the power of digital signage for a better dining experience. In that case, chances are your dreamiest gastronomical delights will only work to a limited extent in your success.

You might already be using digital menu boards in your diner, but there are many other purposes that restaurant digital signage content can be curated to serve. Digital signage in restaurants is the perfect way to optimize dining experiences. With optical clarity and a programmed playlist, this software-based tool will soon become the new normal in all types of restaurants.

Creative ways to Craft Restaurant Digital Signage Playlist Content

You can curate the best restaurant digital signage playlist content with this versatile, cost-effective software and has a lot of creative scope. Read on to know some of the “must-do” practices you can implement for better traffic, sales, and feedback.

1. Cross/Upselling Side Items

With the customary practice of digital signage as digital menu boards, you can upsell your side items cleverly along with the regular ones. It’s all about correct placement. While main course meals and deals can line up hierarchically, you can place the side dishes, appetizers, and desserts at visible local points on the board.

This allows the customers to get additional information about desserts first-hand as they decide on their regular meals. Be it the fine dining houses or high-end bars, make sure you are rolling out your menu items cleverly.

Moreover, you can also use a digital ordering system in place of a waiter’s regular pen and paper. Programmed digital signage in a touch screen can serve as a kiosk that the serving staff can give to customers to select as per their choice. While a waiter gives menu recommendations and information about the meals, customers would be able to view them in a vibrant image on a digital screen.

Integrate a whacky video or image gallery alongside for added effect, such as, “Beef up your meal with $1!”. This has a proven record for bringing additional revenue per customer.

2. Dwell Time Entertainment

Dwell time is inevitable, and rightly so in restaurants where tons of orders are picked every day. Despite however quick your service is, you cannot eliminate the cooking time when serving a customer. Thus, you can incorporate digital signage to dampen your customers’ waiting time as there are endless options to run.

Customers coming for formal high-end restaurants are most often with a plan. Including digital signage close to every table on a reservation can allow you to personalize the big screen according to each customer’s affair. This can include running surprising messages for someone special, proposals, and/or expressing love and affection to make their event more remarkable.

Besides streamlining digital signage with the event to take place in your fine dining house, you can run other kinds of entertaining content to cater to the audience of other age brackets.

Digital screens with cartoons, funny, theatrical-like playback videos, piquing photos, or conversation starters can lighten up the mood of a family that has come to eat. This can become personalized with running a Twitter feed, the latest social media updates, or even interesting news events. Your goal is to keep customers occupied with entertaining restaurant digital signage playlist content that they do not get peeved about.

3. Music Playlist

Usually, fine dining rarely employs full-fledged songs in the background; it’s more of a subtle backdrop feature. Nevertheless, songs are always the particulars of high-end restaurants reflecting its theme.

Therefore, another option is to show your music playlist on digital signage. It can also be the concert video version of the song on loop with the subtitles to trigger some humming. What’s more; you can even utilize this software to allow customers to choose a song of their choice.

In the long run, this effectively convinces the customers who have had their meals and are now thinking to linger for another drink!

4. Order Status Updates

With digital signage, you can include tons of content without running out of capacity. Another best practice when planning restaurant digital signage playlist content is to provide impeccable customer service with a personalized edge.

Imagine how happy your client would be if they are intermittently informed about the status of their placed order. Digital signage can reflect the time of perceived wait for the customers.

Similarly, the signage can pop up “thank you” notes when the customers stand to leave. Another idea is to notify them with “incoming” even before the waiter appears with the food. This kind of personalized setting can brighten up the mood manifolds.

Communication is the key to winning favors, and for a high-end restaurant, many of your customers are loyal and returning ones. Coming out personally to address the pain-points of a customer’s life is like striking the right nerve to win more of their loyalty.

Nobody likes to be put on the wait without having a glimpse into the perceived waiting time. Using digital signage, you can easily notify your customers and simultaneously help in keeping your orders organized and moving.

5. Window Displays

Window displays are perhaps the most underutilized segments of a restaurant. Especially for fine dining establishments, your major source of marketing is mainly through word-of-mouth. However, with digital signage, you can stop waiting for the word to get around and take matters into your own hands.

Consider running all promotional content on the window digital signage. This may include special deals, special combos, mouth-watering dishes, or even customer ratings. It can make passers-by how amazing your establishment is.

Final Words: Restaurant Digital Signage Playlist Content

The digital signage software can support image slideshow that you program to impact strong visual messages seamlessly. Similarly, they can be programmed to display compelling and relevant content on a priority automatically with the Dayparting system. So the right message can reach the right audience at the right time.

There are countless options for high-end restaurant digital signage content implementation to astronomically elevate the customer experience. It delivers a profitable return on investment, no matter how big or small your business is. With this technology, you can connect, engage, and retain your customers like never before.

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