The Optical Library Revitalizes Optometrist Waiting Rooms

Footage from the Update Overview covering the Optical Content Library, a playlist of pre-made optical educational content

I find reading 5-year-old magazines in the waiting room absolutely riveting… said no one ever. While the wait may be boring, visits to the optometrist are critical for maintaining eye and overall health and there’s nothing that can be done about this decade-old problem and improve waiting rooms, right? The Kuusoft team always believes that innovation can be found, no matter how tough or long lasting the problem is. The solution to the issue of tedious waits for your patients is now here with The Optical Library!

Enhancing the already extensive features of NexSigns is this collection of 250 unique, educational contents spread across five major categories: advice, commercial, fact, optical illusion, and quiz. The pre-made, but customizable, content is designed to help make your patients’ visits to your practice a more enjoyable experience. With The Optical Library you will be able to improve your waiting room by educating, informing, and engaging you patients.



The most important focus for patients during their visit to an optometrist is improving their eye health. During the entirety of their visit, a patient knows that there exists a knowledge deficit between them and the optometrist. As Dr. George Loewenstein of Carnegie Mellon University wrote in a paper to the American Psychological Association , “such information gaps produce the feeling of deprivation labeled curiosity. The curious individual is motivated to obtain the missing information to reduce or eliminate the feeling of deprivation.” So, during a visit to your practice a patient is primed and ready to learn, but the busy schedule of an optometrist limits the amount of time that knowledge can be transferred.

The Optical Library‘s advice and fact categories make it so that you can strike while the iron is hot and make each of your patients’ visits much more informative via an improved waiting room. As can be seen in the video above, the advice category is designed to convey pertinent health information that can drastically improve patients’ long-term health. This category is perfect for conveying straightforward information that would otherwise require the optometrist’s time, which is better served in treating and informing the patient of their specific and more complex eye health situation.

The fact section is perfect for handling short nuggets of eye-related information. With this section you can inform patients of both serious information and fun facts! This mix of content between the advice and fact categories provides the perfect balance of information that they can use to improve their eye health and become more knowledgeable overall.



The rate of new technology and services being developed has drastically increased since the early days of optometry, where the first glasses were made sometime 13th century northern Italy and the next improvement came 500 years later with Benjamin Franklin’s bifocals.  The modern era of optometry is one marked by new developments and product being released so quickly that patient’s don’t stand a chance at keeping up with it all. This is where The Optical Library‘s role in your waiting room comes into play.

Commercials for these new services can be played right in the waiting room where eye care is top of mind and questions about those services can be answered by you during their appointment. In addition to the new products and treatments that can be played, you can also use The Optical Library to inform you patients of all sorts of housekeeping items like when to schedule their next appointment, what information to have ready, and when your practice is open.



Micah Solomon advocated that customer engagement is critical to a successful business in a Forbes article several years ago and the same lessons apply for optometry practices. Regardless of whether they’re called patients or customers, the rule applies that loyalty, purchases, and referrals are all influenced by engagement. This is why retail stores go through such an immense effort to make their aesthetic interesting and alluring to customers, but the same is not often said about optometry (or any medical) offices. The wait can be lengthy and nerve-wracking, especially if the patient is concerned about a specific problem in their eye health. With visits already being associated with negativity (ill health), patients are less likely to plan their next check-up in advance or make recommendations.

The Optical Library enhances NexSigns ability to engage your patients and make their time in the waiting room more pleasant. The optical illusion and quiz categories provide information in an entertaining way making their wait seem shorter and ensure that the waiting room isn’t a tedious place. Like everything in The Optical Library, the quiz and optical illusion categories seek not just to entertain, but also educate. Many studies have researched learning behaviors and found that game-based learning drastically enhances knowledge retention and recall abilities.

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