In-Store Advertising for Retailers

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In-store advertising is an important element for retail operations. To help you speak to your customers, digital signage is the right solution

As the owner or manager of a retail store today, you need the advanced advertising features of the latest designs in retail electronic display signage. Only with the use of these attractive and highly effective signage designs can you present, promote, and move inventories with a retail advertisement. With one or multiple compelling digital screen displays operating in your store, you can enjoy greater sales conversions and profits.

These engaging digital screens showing animated promotions of your featured brands and merchandise can boost customer volumes and sales significantly. Nexsigns digital displays from Kuusoft are all mission-specific and sharply focused. In addition, Kuusoft provides complete and highly responsive technical support to satisfy and even surpass, every client’s expectations and requirements. Whether you need a captivating digital menu board, interactive kiosk directory or tablet product display, Nexsigns can provide solutions for all. 

Highly Effective and Efficient Digital Display Signage Solutions for Retailers

With the use of contemporary digital display signage displays in your retail store today, you can increase your in-store audience by 62 percent with updated retail advertisements. Studies have revealed that these additional shoppers are more attentive to the information appearing on digital screens than on static signs. You can either have your electronic display signage professionally installed or choose to install these displays yourself. Just by plugging in your digital presentation signage computer (Nano-PC 3) to any TV, you can have your screens active and displaying your featured merchandise.

If you need to make shoppers or retail staff aware of a new product promotion quickly, update your digital display signage. Moreover, this can be accomplished easily, within minutes, from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Digital Signage Applications

Data and media that you can display to your store audience and staff via your digital presentation signage include the following: 

Mission Control Dashboards. Show all of your major dashboards, enabling your sales team to monitor their KPIs and stay updated on essential information. 

Video Playback. Display top-quality 720p, 1080p, and 4k native display with upscaled 8k display.   

Image Slideshow. Produce smooth, seamless content slideshows for advertising products or distributing internal store communications. 

RSS Newsfeeds. Have the latest top stories and data from your chosen RSS feed auto-displayed on your digital screens. 

HTML5 Content. Display your company website or other web content on your digital display signage. 

Seamless Loops. Ensure that your displayed content does not include any black frames as it loops.   

With the use of Network Status Monitoring, you can ensure that all of your network screens are operating at full capacity. You can also use a wide selection of advanced screen apps that provide superior tools for your digital signs and retail advertisement.     

Efficient All-In-One Digital Signage Displays for Retail Stores 

When you select an All-In-One Digital Signage Display for use in your boutique, shop or department store, there is no complex wiring to worry about. You can simply connect the power cord and start operating your new signage. Whether you are showcasing featured brand products or displaying store information on this display signage, the screen presentation using retail signage software will be stunning.

With a customized, professional mounting system, the necessary supports will be minimal. The independent operation feature includes a digital content signage computer so that you will have no need for more media players. The brand-free design of this sophisticated signage display is ideal for presenting virtually any type of retail-related content.  

Valuable Benefits of In-Store Advertising for the Retail Industry

With the advanced technology developments for in-store advertising networks and equipment, display devices and options have evolved. Gone are the days of static signs and cardboard posters. With today’s sophisticated media channels and on-screen display choices using retail signage software, in-store advertising is more engaging and effective. Furthermore, brands and retailers can produce stunning customized videos, animations, slideshows, and interactive displays. 

The most frequently used types of in-store display devices and methods today include the following: 

  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Digital Wait-Boards
  • Interactive Informational Kiosks
  • Video Wall Displays
  • Wayfinding Screen Displays
  • Personal Devices (using WiFi marketing methods)     

A study of in-store customer engagement involving 3,000 mass-merchant consumers examined their purchasing habits. It showed that 82 percent of shoppers’ buying decisions were finalized on the store premises. The study also revealed that 62 percent of customers engaged in at least one “impulsive product purchase” while shopping. In addition, 16 percent of impulsive purchases resulted from effective in-store promotions.

Major benefits to retail stores that result from quality in-store advertising are as follows:

1. More Impulsive Buying. Customers are encouraged to make impulsive purchases by store promotions of cross-sells, up-sells, and related product buys displayed using retail signage software.

2. New Product Introductions. Shoppers buy more new products presented and detailed or demonstrated on digital display signage using retail signage software. 

3. Sales Promotions. Digital screens using retail signage software also help shoppers focus on featured merchandise promotions, resulting in more sales.

4. Cross-Promotions Support. On-screen displays of like or related items or services encourage greater sales conversions by shoppers.

5. Customer Alerts. On-screen alerts with product information guides often influence the shopper’s buying decisions as an element of digital signage solutions.

6. Shopper Reminders. These effective on-screen reminders help customers recall product promotions that they viewed on their digital devices before entering the store. 

7. Customer Contact Data Capture. Interactive in-store screens are great resources for encouraging customers to enter their personal contact information while shopping. 

Important Tips for Successful In-Store Advertising by Retailers

Retail professionals need to be proficient at updated in-store advertising today in order to ensure high sales conversion numbers. These professionals include store owners and managers, retail franchise regional managers, and retail consultants. They will achieve the best possible selling rates by making use of the following important tips: 

Ad Placement

Good placement of in-store digital screen ads is all-important for boosting product sales rates. If you own or operate a store, ensure that your signage displays are compatible with your showroom structure and layout. Also, digital display screens should be located in areas where most customers spend the most time on the best digital signage solutions. These screens should also be placed at a comfortable height for shoppers to view easily. 

Ad Clarity and Conciseness

Use clear and concise language and visual content in your in-store digital ads. The majority of shoppers will only watch a video or textual presentation for a few moments. For this reason, your digital display signage ads should be short and to-the-point. Present your ad content in attractive media displays and text with headlines and bullet points to aid shoppers in viewing it.

Content Relevance

Be sure that you fully understand the desires and needs of your target audience. Firstly, gain a complete picture of your audience members and their lifestyles, preferences, and shopping requirements. So, this will enable you to create ads that focus sharply on their favorite products, needs, and buying habits. 

Ad Quality

Give your in-store ad presentations a professional finishing touch. Ensure that they display the same high degrees of quality that your other, external advertising content does. Use accurate data and engaging information when creating these on-screen store advertisements. Ensure that your digital ad signage screens are working at optimal performance levels to attract customer attention.      

Ad Relevance and Store Credibility.

Make sure that your in-store digital display signage ads are relevant to your current featured products and seasonal inventories. If your ads are outdated or irrelevant, shoppers will lose interest, and your store may lose credibility. Meanwhile, organize a good marketing content plan that prompts your staff to update all in-store digital media ads and promotional materials as needed.     

You can look at your in-store advertising and promotion displays as key elements in the final stage of your overall product marketing campaigns using digital signage solutions. In other words, these attractive and compelling on-screen digital ads should “close the deal” for higher sales rates.

Importance of Good Point-of-Purchase Advertising In-Store

In retail, the point of purchase is the time and location where all elements of a sale align. These elements include the customer, the money exchanged and the product bought. Superior quality point of purchase displays (in-store) advertising can be achieved best using advanced digital display signage technology and content. In the meantime, through this expert method of displaying POP ads, retailers can influence the customer’s final purchasing decision. POP ads are cost-effective, and they also remind consumers of ads for store products that they saw before their in-store shopping experience.  

The retailer’s point of purchase displays are currently gaining higher importance for store owners and managers, both local and regional. These ads frequently prove to be more productive with greater ongoing effectiveness than other forms of advertising and promotion. These attractive and engaging digital display signage ads encourage shoppers to make in-store planned purchases more promptly. As on-screen displays, they also promote impulse buying by customers for an additional boost in product sales conversion rates. 


In-store advertising for retailers with the use of advanced design digital display signage ads is increasing in popular use today. It is also boosting retail sales and profits for many retail stores of different types and sizes. These highly attractive and engaging in store digital media ads and interactive screens encourage both planned purchases and impulsive buying by shoppers.

Cost-effective and easy to install and program, these contemporary digital display signage presentations also prevent customer confusion. They are especially helpful in directing customer attention to featured products and merchandise sales as well. This innovative form of POP advertising for the retail industry is a leading factor in the success of today’s retail companies of all varieties. 

Kuusoft Corp. Offers Top-Tier In-Store Digital Signage Advertising

The experts at Kuusoft Corp. in Canada understand the optimal importance of digital signage for in-store advertising today. This innovative company is committed to providing premium enterprise-caliber software solutions to a wide variety of industries. So, the highly experienced team of professionals has developed state-of-the-art hardware and software for companies of all types and sizes. These sophisticated products are designed to ensure comprehensive, integrated, and flexible digital display signage solutions for all NexSigns clients. 

You can learn more about NexSigns’ Digital Signage solution and connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on digital signage!

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