7 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Automotive/Car Dealerships

automotive digital signage for car dealership
automotive digital signage for car dealership

Auto dealerships are confronted with the challenge of how to convince potential customers that their brand and vehicles have value. Their auto repair shops, on the other hand, must determine how to convert customers into recurring ones. Automotive digital signage is an effective solution to these problems. Its wide range of applications and endless possibilities make it a powerful marketing tool for car dealerships to achieve their business goals. 

Read on to learn about seven ways in which you can leverage automotive digital signage to yield the gratifying results and growth you desire in your car dealership business.

7 Proven Ways to Use Automotive Digital Signage for Car Dealerships

1. Digital Signage in Car Showrooms

Use automotive digital signage to showcase your products and services while connecting with your customers. With digital signage in your showroom, you can:

  • Advertise your latest promotions with persuasive and eye-catching messages to drive sales.
  • Show premium videos of your latest models so your customers can see your cars in action.
  • Exhibit a comparison chart of different features and specs of various car models to help your customers evaluate their options.
  • Promote different payment options to help your customers explore and decide the plan that fits their needs.
  • Inform customers about your extended warranty, protection plans, and other additional offerings.
  • Display positive customer reviews and testimonials to boost your business’ credibility and motivate customers to make purchasing decisions.

Unlike static signs, digital signage allows you to update content whenever you want. On top of that, the ability of digital displays to deliver your advertising messages through stunning animations and visuals allows you to communicate and connect with your showroom visitors better than static signs. By doing this, automotive digital signage helps spark the visitors’ interest and inspires them to make purchases.

2. Digital Signage in Waiting Rooms

Digital signage is proven to help improves queue management and reduce perceived wait times by more than 35%. With automotive digital signage in your dealership waiting area, you can keep your customers entertained while informing them about all the services and offers you have in store.

You can display a dashboard that shows the appointment time, maintenance progress, estimated wait time, name, and vehicle to keep your customers in the loop. While they wait for their service, you can also show engaging content such as LiveTV streams, news broadcasts, and sports games to direct their attention away from the wait itself. This way, you can turn your waiting room into a positive customer experience that benefits your business reputation and increases customer satisfaction.

3. Digital Welcome Signs

The first impressions you give a customer will set the tone for your business and build the first stepping stone to good customer relationships. The question remains: How to make your customers feel comfortable and welcome upon entering your dealership? Digital Signage can help.

With automotive digital signage at your entrance and lobby, you can:


  • Greet walk-ins with personalized welcome messages.
  • Direct customers to proper departments with wayfinding and guide them through your dealership.
  • Present your corporate messages with striking visuals or videos to reinforce your branding and success.
  • Display your showroom and service center hours to keep your customers informed.

On top of that, digital signage can show all your content vividly to capture the customers’ attention and make the right first impression the moment they walk in.

4. Digital Signage Kiosks

car dealership signage kiosk in show room lobby

Digital signage kiosks are freestanding units with either no-touch or touchscreens that can accommodate different business needs. Plus, since wall-mounting is not required, digital signage kiosks offer more flexibility and can be launched on the show floor with minimal effort.

There are many ways you can use these digital signage kiosks:

  • Use as a self-service hub for customers who prefer to search for the answers to common questions. This will also help your sales representatives focus on the customers who are closer to making purchasing decisions.
  • Place them next to your newest models to display features, functions, customizable options, and available finance options associated with those models.
  • Showcase your services and offerings with captivating videos and animations to subtly promote them to the customers.
  • Create an immersive shopping experience and elevate your store atmosphere to establish and show your business’ success and credibility.
  • Display friendly and welcoming messages to encourage customers to seek expert advice from your sales representatives.

5. Video Walls in Showrooms

Create a truly immersive experience for your visitors and customers by implementing video walls in your vehicle showrooms. A video wall is a large visualization surface built by joining multiple TV screens or monitors together to form one seamless, large display. It is the ultimate tool for any business that wants to elevate its brand while also creating wow factors to instantly capture its audience’s attention.

You can leverage video walls to showcase your brand identity by playing brand videos that depict the company’s mission, vision, and values. Videos are a powerful method of storytelling because they can help a business convey its purpose and connect with its customers emotionally, thus creating meaningful relationships and boosting loyalty.

In addition, you can also stream your product commercials in high resolution so that customers can enjoy an immersive viewing experience in the showroom. By showcasing on the massive video wall those seamless tracking shots of your car driving down a winding road or across mountains, your customers will be mesmerized by the vivid movement and feel tempted to make a purchase.

6. Maintenance Service Menu at Auto Repair Shop

One of the most common applications of automotive digital signage is auto repair shop digital menu boards. Thanks to the editability of digital signage software, you can always display the latest maintenance services with the most up-to-date pricing. With digital price display boards, you can also promote your loyalty program details with membership perks to secure more customers. 

You can also include any limited-time discounts or seasonal specials you offer to grab the customers’ attention and upsell. Plus, you can share some reminders and educational tips, such as why it is essential to run a diagnosis or do alignment checks.

By setting up well-presented digital service price boards, you can educate your customers, drive more sales, and create a pleasant customer experience overall.

7. Digital Signage Internal Communications

internal sales performance dashboard in dealership employee office

Automotive digital signage can be just as useful and applicable for your employees as it is for your customers. There are endless ways you can leverage digital signage to create a positive workplace culture, streamline internal communications, and boost employee morale. For example, you can utilize it to broadcast important internal announcements across departments so that everyone is kept in the know.

In the case of auto dealerships, sales statistics are extremely important for developing a successful sales strategy. To keep your sales team members on track, you can transform your digital signage into a real-time sales performance dashboard that shows your sales indicators and metrics in the staff lounge or meeting room. Using data visualization with digital screens can drive better decision-making, help your sales team members to better capture opportunities, and motivate them to work toward their goals.


Digital signage is an effective marketing tool for any business, including car dealerships, due to its unlimited potential in communicating visually with its audience. Its ability to leverage dynamic content formats allows businesses to increase their campaign exposure and drive more conversions. Digital signs in automotive dealerships can deliver experiences that boost customer satisfaction and increase sales, taking your business to the next level.

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