Why Digital Menu Boards are a Must for Restaurants

Kuusoft support engineer installs a digital menu board for the Delly, a quick service restaurant at UBC

Since time immemorial, the retail industry has always focused on the essence of customer service. The ‘customer is king’ mentality has numerous advantages. Focusing on clients’ needs and ensuring they get the best service possible helps foster strong ties and eventually leads to customer loyalty.

In addition, customer service helps up sell and increase brand awareness with regards to a business’s products and services. Since customer service is a rather public trade secret, restaurants all over the world are always seeking innovative ways to pull in more clients whilst making profits.

In early 2007, digital menu boards made their debut in the restaurant industry. At the time, the concept behind digital menu boards was not fully comprehended by many in the industry. Since then, a revolution has emerged.

Today, the world has embraced digital signage in an unprecedented manner. Digital menu boards are simply a fundamental component of any establishment worth its salt; be it a fine dining restaurant or a fast food set-up.

The digital platform presents a smart solution and helps modernize the look of the restaurant. There’s also the added advantage of improved convenience to both customers and staff. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of other pros digital menu boards bring to the table (both literally and figuratively).

Enhanced Customer Experience

Digital menu boards have the edge over conventional fixed signage because they help augment the customer experience. Because of their design, digital menu boards facilitate several add-ons that add to the luster of the platform.

Features like news, live sporting events, and sports results can be delivered to customers right alongside the menus. What this does is accentuate the meal and helps promote customer retention.

Scheduling Capabilities

Network digital signage solutions facilitate managers to utilize staff better and improve the scheduling capabilities of an establishment. One can set different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to target specific tastes. Having a fantastic scheduling setup helps restaurants present customers with exciting options to soothe their palates.

The content management system in our NexSigns solution allows you to make changes easily. Changes are automatic on the digital menu boards without needing any manual labor and effort from staff members. Because they are less distracted by the hands-on restaurant management, employees can focus more on ensuring that they present customers with the best dining experience.

A big advantage of this system is the fact that restaurants with multiple stores can all auto-update at the same time within a matter of seconds irrespective of their location and their number. This degree of flexibility helps set such restaurants apart from their contemporaries.

Increased Sales

The ultimate goal of any entrepreneurial establishment is to make profit. By incorporating digital menu boards into the equation, restaurants can help expand their monetary base.

Research has shown that digital signage alone helps increase the sales volume by up to 31% and a noticeable 32% growth in repeat customers. Given the impressive stats, there’s good reason to back the assertion that digital menu boards have an edge over traditional printed signage.

The clarity of images and videos presented on digital menu boards give off a vibrant feel to the nature of the establishment. Once the display has picturesque elements of food, customers are enticed to try out various items on the menu.

Revenue streams can also come from well-placed adverts while customers queue in a line awaiting their orders. Of course, the adverts need to be creatively done not to have a bland message; instead, they should appeal to the customers’ needs whilst ensuring that the commercial message is put across. That way, it’s a win-win situation for both the clients and the establishment. Effectively, digital menu boards can help increase sales volume when done just right.

Save Money

Investing in the digital menu board helps restaurants save money through the years. Before the advent of digital signage, restaurants had to put up with the extra costs that are associated with printing menus, advertising on print media and re-printing costs once errors occurred.

Since digital menu boards do not require excessive staff input, establishments can thus save on additional labor costs in distributing the print material and replacing old worn-out posters with new ones. Given the innumerable cost advantages, it’s no surprise that digital menu boards are fast phasing out traditional printing signs

Parting Shot

In the last couple of years, the restaurant industry has greatly changed. At present, it’s safe to say that there’s no way back for traditional posters and signage boards. Embracing technology helps ensure that restaurants are able to cater to the broad spectrum of customers’ needs. With digital menu board, the limit lies on the edges of one’s imagination, anything is plausible.

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  1. Yes, true, Digital Menu Boards’ limit depends on your imagination. Anything is possible.
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  2. A good customer experience leads to the maximum retention of the customers. And this one can achieve with digital menu boards

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