Upgrade Your Restaurant by Using POS Technology: 5 Stats to Convince You

Perspective view of a table at an upscale resturant mid meal

In a world where businesses greatly bank on digital signage, it is not surprising to know that more and more restaurateurs are doing away with the old pen-and-paper system and even the use of traditional cash registers. Let’s look at the following statistical data to understand this restaurant trend:

  • Currently, according to a Toast study that enlisted more than 300 managers from the food industry, 21% are using pen and paper to handle information, 6% are using a technology specifically built for their needs, and a whopping 71% are already using a point-of-sale (POS) system.
  • More than half (52%) restaurants mentioned that the technology upgrade was due to its cutting-edge functionality and user-friendliness when it comes to managing their business metrics.
  • The restaurant managers who are making use of POS technology specifically pointed out that they enjoy the technological advantages such as efficiency and its cloud-based system (39% and 3%, in that order).
  • When asked about the elements they valued the most for a POS upgrade, 20% of them wanted an advanced inventory management feature, 13% wanted the upgrade to assist them with a flawless online ordering system, and 9% of the respondents wanted the POS technology to be compliant with the PCI set of standards, as this would allow them to accept, process, and transmit payments using credit cards within an impeccably secure environment.
  • An outstanding 73% of the interviewed food industry representatives planned to upgrade technology before the year ends.

Other than the above-mentioned data, the use of POS is also handy when it comes to employing, orienting, and commissioning staffs.

If these significant figures were enough to persuade you to join this restaurant trend, allow us to give you an important reminder before you shell out your hard-earned money: Never sacrifice security over savings. Suspiciously cheap products and services should be a red flag. This advice is also applicable when you are scouting for companies that offer digital signage and other technological enhancements.

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